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Slide HTML5 ™ is the leading technology provider of HTML5 digital publishing solutions. Our technology allows you to online & offline convert your marketing content & printed material into a unique digital edition experience. Our content is readily available across all digital platforms and social channels. Slide HTML5 offers a wide variety of interactive features that surpasses any other software solution in the digital publishing industry..

We served customers (include free users) more than 80,0000 times over the past year. Right now, over 30,000 customers in more than 120 countries are using our platform & software. We try to meet needs and requirements of every client. We appreciate our clients' feedback on any specific requirements which helps to enhance our products.

Our staff includes developers, analysts, technical support specialists, web-designers, PR managers to provide our customers with products and services of the highest quality, continually improving techniques and technologies we use.

We provide our customers with full and free after-sale service and support. Our specialists are always ready to answer all you questions and solve any problem you have. Feel free to contact us to get qualified help of our support team.

Who should use Slide HTML5?

Everyone is totally free to use Slide HTML5. Individuals can use it to publish interactive presentations, magazine, articles, photo albums, brochures and so on using Slide HTML5’s Destop version page editing tools. Media business owners can use it to publish their existing printed materials by converting them to digital format using the converter tool, which can convert from popular editorial formats to online html5 format. They can then add interactivity, such as videos, links, sounds and animation, using the Slide HTML5’s Destop version page editing tools.

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