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Never before was it this easy to create a eye-catching publications. Just import your PDF and input your text, images and video in the page editor and you've a digital magazine that you can share with everybody.

Fully Customize - Make It Beautiful

Completely DIY your publications with a variety of pre-designd templates, and just adjust the templates with custom logo, backgrounds, colors, buttons, navigation options and more(80+).

Read It On Any Device

Create life-like digital catalog in HTML5 which work on nearly mobile devices, including iphone, ipad, Android phones, Android tablets. View it anywhere, anytime, online or offline.

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Features of Slide HTML5

Customize Unique Digital Publications

Multi Language Support Free

The multilingual feature of Slide HTML5 enables you to display your interactive magazine & catalog & brochure with animation in different international languages. This software provides 14 built-in languages and in the meantime, it allows you to add and customize new languages, edit built-in languages and delete unwanted languages. And you can select multiple languages for the publication so your target audiences can switch among these languages while reading your digital content.

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Customize Looks & Feel Functionality Free

We offer 100+ free custom settings for you to customize your digital content & publication. Add your branding logo, background, icons/skins, colors, share, search, bookmark, add notes, zoom, mute, and more to build your own custom look and feel..

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Custom Background Free

To make your online magazine & catalog and animation more outstanding, Slide HTML5 brings you the powerful Background Customizing feature that enables you to easily design attractive background for your interactive content and animation. The background can be an image, pure color or even gradient colors. This will cater to your needs for different exhibition.

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Customize Templates Style Free

To ensure the flexibility and convenience for your design, Slide HTML5 integrates 8 plus templates, 10+ backgrounds and other design resources. You are able to fully customize the template with various settings: button style, button quantity, button icon, background image and style, background sound, display language (15 languages available), logo, caption of start page, etc. Moreover, you can define contacts and company info in the interactive magazine & catalog and animation.

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Videos and Images Pro

Slide HTML5 allows you to add videos, images and other media elements to the publication. You can add YouTube, Vimeo online videos or native local MP4 videos. And it is possible to control the video anytime at any position within the screen. Besides, you can play and stop the video via the mouse event (click, double click, down, up, move, enter and out) of other components such as button, image, text and link. In this way, you can make your content more dynamic and engaging.

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Add Links Pro

Slide HTML5 offers a flexible link editing tool that comes up in graphic interface. By configuring simple settings, you can easily acquire up 10 link types, including play video, open prompt window, open external web page, open image slideshow, play music, jump to other internal page, open PayPal order page, and so on. This feature can greatly enhance the ability of interactive exhibiting and the one-stop purchasing.

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Text Searching Free

Slide HTML5 offers an internal search engine that helps you quickly locate desired content by inputting specific keywords. And Slide HTML5 will highlight the content you are looking for and it allows you to customize the highlight color according to your needs. And once the search is enabled, Slide HTML5 will index the search results based on page number so you can navigate to the page whose content you are search for.

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Connect to Google Analytics Free

Slide HTML5 integrates with Google Analytics, which can help you collect and monitor the visit info of your digital content, including number of visitors, visits of each page, clicks, traffic source, country and operating system. And to get this Google Analytics feature work, all you need is a Google Analytics ID.

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Show or Hide Control Buttons Free

The powerful interface customization feature of Slide HTML5 enables you to customize the buttons of control panel in your digital publication. This feature makes it easy for content publishers to decide what functions are to offer to audiences. The ability to tailor the complexity of the created publication according to the professional maturity of target audiences greatly increases the digital publishing flexibility for the publisher. These function buttons include print, auto play, sound, help, zoom in/out, share, and so on.

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Quick access Indexes Pro

Slide HTML5 offers a powerful indexing feature which allows you to easily create multi-level index or Table of Contents for your digital publication. You can add, delete, edit the index and export it as external file and directly import the file later. What's more, Slide HTML5 can even detect and import the multi-level index of the source PDF file and apply to the new publication, which saves trouble of manual creation. And the imported index can be edited as well.

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Powerful Interactive Content Marketing Tool

Slide HTML5 can help you realize your novel ideas and can be a helpful tool for your content marketing. With Slide HTML5, you can make your content stand out by creating interactive demonstration animation, promotion presentation, Email marketing animation and other exhibition content. Whether your audiences will be impressed or not mainly depends on your imagination for your content design. And Slide HTML5 is the very tool to bring your imagination into reality! In the meanwhile, Slide HTML5 brings about the Online Platform that allows you to manage and publish your interactive content and animation. You can display all these amazing content on your website, email, blogs and social channels anytime. What's more, you have the capability to obtain visiting statistics of your content, e.g., number of visits and traffic from which country.

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