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Never before was it this easy to create a eye-catching publications. Just import your PDF and input your text, images and video in the page editor and you've a digital magazine that you can share with everybody.

Fully Customize - Make It Beautiful

Completely DIY your publications with a variety of pre-designd templates, and just adjust the templates with custom logo, backgrounds, colors, buttons, navigation options and more(80+).

Read It On Any Device

Create life-like digital catalog in HTML5 which work on nearly mobile devices, including iphone, ipad, Android phones, Android tablets. View it anywhere, anytime, online or offline.

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Features of Slide HTML5

Create Interactive Digital Publications

Import from PDF or Powerpoint Free

If you don't want to start your content design from scratch, you can directly import a PDF or PowerPoint file and with only one step, you can publish an excellent HTML5 based brochure (company brochure, manual) or slide show with interactive animation. On one hand, Slide HTML5 will reserve the text, layout and hyperlinks of source PDF or PPT file; on the other hand, Slide HTML5 will enable you to enrich your work with extra interactive elements by using Animation Editor. You can impress your audiences with videos, images, text, shapes, audio clips, animations and even advanced events.

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Start Strong Gold

In order to make it easier for novices to create HTML5 interactive content and animation, Slide HTML5 offers multiple solutions: if you want to create a product brochure or interactive magazine, you can start with your existing PDF file; if you want to build a product presentation like MS Powerpoint, you can import your Powerponit file directly; if you want to design from scratch, you can build a new blank project. In addition, Slide HTML5 provides you with a large number of pre-designed templates, which can help you fast create and design terrific interactive content and animation with unique outlook and buttons. And all these can be achieved within 2 steps.

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Advanced Event Editor Platinum

No programming, no single code! With the help of Slide HTML5 Advanced Event Editor, you can easily create and design interactive content and animation for different occasions. For example, you can publish manual demo for products, corporate interactive & multimedia presentation, teaching courseware, media magazine and catalog, children's audio story book, animation sales brochure, etc. Advanced Event Editor employs object-oriented GUI (graphic user interface) design and includes a plenty of pre-designed animations and multimedia modules. Besides, it defines powerful and flexible event properties to make the event more versatile. And you can check and preview the effect of the event and animation in real time.

Slide HTML5 Desktop Client Required

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Animation Editor Platinum

Animation Editor is the core feature of Slide HTML5 and all the interactive content and animation are realized by this powerful editor. The main attraction of Animation Editor is that it enables users to create amazingly interactive content and animation without writing a code. Animation Editor integrates a set of powerful multimedia components, including Text, Image, Video, Audio, Shape, Dialog, Button, Slideshow and so on. And users can complete the interactive creation by simply dragging and dropping the media components to the design interface and configuring the properties. Besides, Animation Editor offers a powerful Time Line Manager which can help you control the entering animation, exiting animation and dwell time of the embedded media and other components. What's more, Animation Editor provides you with Advanced Event Editor. With this event editor, you can control and manage interactions like mouse click/move/double click/enter/leave event, bringing the interactions to a higher level. In a word, Animation Editor helps you create wonderful and media-rich interactive experiences without requiring you to write even a code.

Slide HTML5 Desktop Client Required

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Commerce+ Make Shoppable Platinum

Want to combine one-stop shopping experience into your interactive catalog & magazine and animation? Slide HTML5 will be your smart choice. The built-in PayPal module of Slide HTML5 integrates the interactive content with online shopping closely. And with the help of it, your target audiences are able to purchase your marketing products without taking their eyes off your content. Slide HTML5 does not only achieve the seamless integration with PayPal, but also provide a variety of PayPal application modules including Product Box, Star Rating, Buy Button, Discount, Label Ribbon and Pricing. Moreover, you can create and design your own applications for the online shopping design with ease.

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Import Hyperlinks Pro

Slide HTML5 automatically detects and replaces any web or email links with live links in your PDF file.

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Insert Audio to Digital Magazine Pro

All MP3 format sound files can be imported to your intractive digital magazine content as the background sound.

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Embed MP4 Video Pro

Add MP4 video to your intractive digital magazine & catalog, make your digital content vivid .

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Embed YouTube Video Pro

Add a YouTube video to your intractive digital content by copying the YouTube video ID.

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Add Audio as a background sound Pro

Adding an audio hyperlink to a page as a background sound is one of the wonderful functions of Slide HTML5.

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