Free HTML5 Digital Brochure Software to Enhance Online Brochure Design

The digital brochure is taking the place of the printed version by user-friendly online digital publishing software

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Quick Tour of Slide HTML5

Why Slide HTML5?

Now you may realize that traditional printing can no longer satisfy the demand of brochure design, the digital version published online can help enhance the design instead. The very free html5 digital brochure software - Slide HTML5 is one of the user-friendly tools to help design stunning brochure in minutes.

Slide HTML5 software is unique flexible self-publishing software for digital brochure design. It is so easy to operate and requires no coding skill. In order to help gain more web traffic to your site, more followers on social networks and more revenue from your brochure, the advance animation editor of slide HTML5 allows designing online brochure in a more interactive way.

Firstly, you can add a add images, videos, animations to enhance the brochure in the design phase to make it look amazing and surprise your audience visually.Moreover, you can add hyperlinks in any page of your publication that transition and link to other pages or websites. You can add all icons of the social networks where you can share the brochure to get more followers. Finally you can add shopping carts so your customers can buy directly from your digital brochure.
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More Amazing Examples Created by SlideHTML5

How to enhance online brochure design with slide HTML5 software?

1. Add image, video

Making full use of animation editor of side HTML5, you can simply prepare your images and videos, import them into project and decide how your viewers will interact with. You can add YouTube, Vimeo online videos or native MP4 videos and then control them anytime at any position within the screen. To develop your digital brochure design with adding animation once in the software, the effect of these can look amazing.

2. Add links

You can add images that can incorporate hyperlinks in the page and ink your videos with external URL or include into your project. It can support links for YouTube and Vimeo video. And you can add links on any page of your digital publications to help audience navigate to other pages in the brochure. You can easily acquire up 10 link types, including play video, open prompt window, open external web page, open image slideshow, play music, jump to other internal page, open PayPal order page, and so on.

3. Share via social network

Free digital brochure software slide HTML5 enables to add all the icons of the social networks you have profiles on in your brochure, on contact us pages. Each online brochure can come with a link that you can easily share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked, or via email...Thus leads everybody know about your new This is a method to get more followers.

4. Add E-commerce

Design can become more interactive by using slide HTML5 digital brochure publishing software. You can create and design your own digital brochure for the online shopping design with ease. It allows you to add ecommerce so your customers can buy directly from your online brochure. You can tie in buttons like “discount” and “buy now” icons around the merchandise to further enhance the temptation to purchase. The very software combines one-stop shopping experience into your interactive content and animation, leading your customers a happy shopping journey.