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Quick Tour of Slide HTML5

Nowadays the Internet technology are getting mature and mature, more and more wonderful and powerful electronic devices come to our life. It is no doubt that portable is one of the important features of mobile devices. You can carry it around and work or entertain anywhere and anytime. Along with the rapid development of digital electronic devices, digital publication is getting more popular than printed digital publication. Digital Magazine is one of the most popular publications as well.

If you are looking for a free HTML5 online magazine maker to create your interactive online digital magazine, you can take Slide HTML5 into consideration. Slide HTML5 is free HTML5 online maker for uploading PDF or PowerPoint file to online digital magazine with ease. On one hand, it is easy to upload and customer the book information before converting it online; on the other hand, there are multiple beautiful templates and themes to choose. In addition, once you create your digital magazine, there is text version of your digital magazine for search engine friendly either. And then you can share your digital magazine and embed it into webpage or blog with ease. All in all, Slide HTML5 is an excellent HTML5 digital magazine maker to create gorgeous digital publication. Anyway, you can not insert multimedia contents with online version of Slide HTML5.
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Features of Free HTML5 Online Magazine Maker – Slide HTML5

1. Upload and Convert

Slide HTML5 provides two versions for user to create digital magazine. You can choose to create online digital publication directly by online version. And you are able to create offline digital magazine with rich multimedia contents by desktop version. Anyway, both of them allow users to create digital publication from PDF and PowerPoint documents.

2. Search Engine Friendly

Once you upload document to Slide HTML5 online publishing platform, you will be asked to fill in book information such as title, description and keywords for digital magazine. The purpose is to make your digital magazine be searched easier. In addition, the text version of digital publication is an effective way to make your digital publication search engine friendly in order to increase brand exposure.

3. Powerful Administration and Management Tool

Once you create digital publication successfully, you can manage and edit settings of your online publication. For example, you can modify the book information, embed, share to networks, view text version, download PDF and print and more. By the way, Slide HTML5 provides a simple way for users to track digital magazine performance in online publishing platform.