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Quick Tour of Slide HTML5

Why Slide HTML5?

Imagine one customer opening an email with a link to your digital publications that is relevant to your products, meanwhile, he is able to fully engage with your merchandise from the comfort of an office or home computer, a smartphone, tablet, or other devices. How comfortable it will be! Adding interactive elements can really bring a publication to life, furthermore, to money.To achieve this, you definitely need a good helper, the online publishing software like Slide HTML5.

Slide HTML5 – the very free html5 online publishing software can make the fulfillment mentioned above. Except for adding video and image galleries to further increase the information, slide HTMl5 software can create digital publications to display products and link with shopping carts or add direct links to buy a product. By doing so, it bridges reading and shopping and could keep your customers informed of what you sell lately, they can purchase and shop directly from any page of digital publications without leaving the site. Eventually, your total revenue will be increased. So why hesitate to get your publications online now?
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More Amazing Examples Created by SlideHTML5

Slide HTMl5 digital publishing software helps you sell more online

1. Make Shoppable with adding ecommerce

Free Online Publishing Software – slide HTML5 makes your digital publications more than a reading material to readers. Just by adding ecommerce element to your e-magazine, catalog and books, all your digital publications can turn to gain shoppable function. You can create the perfect online catalog to meet the shoppers’ specific needs by adding shopping carts. With this shoppable feature, more readers would like to read digital versions of magazines on mobile devices and the web. Slide HTML5 achieve the seamless integration with PayPal, and provide a variety of PayPal application modules including Product Box, Star Rating, Buy Button, Discount, Label Ribbon and Pricing.

2. Embed publications to display on sites

Worried about so few viewers tuning in your online publications? Slide HTML5 provides a powerful embed option for you to embed uploaded publications on your website, blog and Facebook page. If you are looking to offer your publications to your regular visitors in the comfort of your own website, this is a great method to gain them repeat visits. You can Style your publication by setting the size of the embed widget, choosing your page layout, selecting a custom background color, setting the download options to your customers.

3. Connect to Google Analytics

Slide HTML5 integrates offer the ability to attract more visitors to your digital publications while being functioning with Google Analytics, which can help you collect and monitor the visit information of your publications. All the analytics includes quantity of visitors, visits of each page, clicks, traffic source, country and operating system. Get a Google Analytics ID, and get this Google Analytics feature work. With the Google analytics material, you can adjust and recreate your digital publication so that to fully realize your business’s online revenue producing ability.

4. Access Anywhere

Slide HTML5 creates the interactive content and animation based on HTML5 format, so your publication is accessible on not only traditional devices but also any mobile device. You can publish your own publications to your own website or upload to Slide HTML5 Cloud Service directly. And with the material URL, your publications are available for your customers on any device. What’s more, you can distribute the Slide HTML5 publication to portable devices like USB or deliver it via email. Your customers can enjoy the HTML5 based content without installing any other program on their devices.