Free PDF to HTML5 Brochure Helps Attract Traffic to your Business

Diverse commercial functions of Slide HTML5 to make a strong interactive digital marketing brochure

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Gain more attention for your commercial catalog

Intended for enormous publicity for your commercial content? Then you have to make your digital business brochure more impressive on your visitors. The good news is that Slide HTML5 , as free pdf to html5 brochure software, can create strong digital publications in minutes.It can convert PDF brochures into interactive HTML5 to create a powerful multi-media page slide brochure.

Users can add multi-media elements to the brochure, such as videos, audios, music, images and text and so on. With different medias, you can customize your brochure and emphasize your marketing product features. Multi-media elements help engage more visitors and offer them high-quality services.

Slide HTML5 provides you with an easy way to push your company message, current events and news, press release, blog post, and almost includes anything you would like your visitors to know about. Besides, you can also inform your visitors of your current trends and at the same time, boost your standing as a source of reliable, high-quality information. Most importantly, add your company logo or brand to the toolbar with a clickable link to your digital brochure. And you can also add a link to the home page of your enterprise. In this way, you can not only build brand awareness, but also drive more traffic to your website.

Not only this, your digital publication created by Slide HTML5 can integrate with popular social network sites. Your visitors can share your brochure easily to their families, friends and colleagues via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google, MySpace, Blogger, WordPress and many other channels. It is helpful to distribute your brochure or business publications to more people for further sales.
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How to attract more traffic to your business?

1. Powerful interactive multi-medias

Traditional reading experience cannot catch your visitors' eye at once, therefore Slide HTML5 offers a way to make it distinct. Slide HTML5 is equipped with interactive multi-medias, such as dynamic text, YouTube videos, images, gallery and links. You can enrich your brochure with multiple illustration means. All these means are inserted in Animation Editor and you can also use advanced event and time line to design and enrich your brochure.

2. More links to your brochure or website with ease

In brand settings, a click at your brand can lead to your publication. In main settings, a clickable link can browse the home page of your website. The animation editor function can add a link of your website to any place on the sliding page brochure.

3. Share via popular social network

People would like to share more engaging publications to their families, friends and colleagues through social network sites. Connect your publications with your social channels and allow your visitors to browse, link and share directly via popular social network. Slide HTML5 offers you a great number of social platforms.