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A quick way to learn about Slide HTML5

Along with the arrival of information era, people are more likely to receive interactive and dynamic information integrated with multi-medias such as videos, audios, images, music, and links and so on. And traditional paper reading cannot satisfy such requirement any more. Then you can come to Slide HTML5 .

Slide HTML5 is a free pdf to html5 catalog maker, transforming your pdf into digital publication inserted with interactive multi-medias. You can upload your designed PDF catalog, brochures, flyers, newsletters etc on website browsed via mobile devices. The mobile devices include iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android devices, and Windows phones and so on. Visitors can see clearly the videos, images, music and other media elements through the mobile devices.

Using Slide HTML5, you can create an online content in a matter of minutes without any complicated software knowledge. Slide HTML5 contains a Cloud and you can host all your online contents online or offline. Besides, the online contents are simultaneously presented in both HTML5 and the website, so you do not need to worry whether or not your visitors can view your publications. Now start your free unlimited digital catalogs in Slide HTML5.
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Why is Slide HTML5 so Strong?

1. PDF to Digital at your fingertip

Marketing-effective Slide HTML5 catalog only requires three steps to transform a PDF catalog to digital content: import a PDF, customize the template and output HTML5 catalog. It only takes a few minutes. The only tool is Slide HTML5 and no need for any other third party to assist you. Moreover, PDF to Digital not only gives you the traditional comfort reading the pages but also offers you all-around enjoy by active links that lead you directly to wanted information.

2. Powerful Customizable Settings

Tired of your ordinary background of your PDF? Then Slide HTML5 helps you solve this problem. Slide HTML5 has 13 templates and themes for you to design your PDF background. Apart from that, you can start to customize your layout settings. For example, you can design the color and image of your file and design the toolbar—hide or show. You can also customize many aspects of your publication, such as height, width, and font and toolbar color and so on. Most importantly, for trade show or events, input your Logo URL so that visitors can reach your product in no time and read more details of your publication.

3. Interactive Multi-medias Enrich Reading Experience

People are more likely to be attracted by dynamic and eye-catching content rather than the static text. In order to engage your visitors, you should present your catalog with the help of different connected medias. Slide HTML5 is equipped with Animation Editor to add diverse texts, videos, audios, music, links and commercial components and so on to your digital catalogs. Advanced Event and Time Line are also available to customize your catalogs. Among these Medias, you can also refine their settings and make them more appealing for your visitors. You do not have to worry about the compatibility of the inserted Medias, because they can work independently and interactively.