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While audiences in today’s digital world have variety of choices to consume the content they want online, they are faced with an explosion of information to choose every time available from massive amount of content resource. Therefore, content marketing becomes a revolution. Under the circumstances, it’s necessary to supercharge your content from free pdf to html5 magazine.

Slide HTML5 digital publishing tool is one way out to supercharge content for content marketing. It can magically digitize an original PDF document into a relevant, informative and interactive magazine with slide effect online and offline. It helps offer effective and stylish content delivery by adding rich media to enhance the message you are conveying. Moreover, it provides a multi-language choice for you to make digital magazines apply to more audience with different backgrounds. Last but not least, slide html5 software offers a chance to grow your own brand to deepen audiences’ memory. Finally the online slide HTML5 Magazines will encourage repeat visits and interactions through the quality of your material.
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Great features of Slide HTML5 to Supercharged Content

1. Convert PDF to HTML5 Magazine

When you already have files in hand and want to start without blank pages, all you need to do with this free digital magazine creator is to directly import PDF files first, even if the content is not of high quality, slide HTML5 will help to convert your content files to more impressive and effective HTML5 magazines with slide effect.

2. Embed Rich Media to Digital Publications

Slide HTML5 digital publications tools can create interactive digital magazines with embedded rich media. You can communicate with your audiences more interactively with videos, images, text, shapes, audio clips, animations and even advanced events. By importing hyperlinks, inserting audio; embed MP4 or YouTube video and so on; more audiences will visit the rich digital publications.

3. Make Multi-language for Digital Magazines

To create a multi-language magazine couldn’t be easier now. For sake of getting more audiences to your digital magazines, slide HTML5 supports the multi-language publications for people with different language backgrounds. You can import different language versions of a file into slide HTML5 digital publications, and then it will generate an online digital magazine of multiple languages. Therefore your audiences can switch to native language version for easier reading and operating.

4. Design Brand via Digital Content Creator

With slide HTML5 creator, you can design and add your brand along with a clickable link to any page of your online publications, so your audience will pay attention to your brand. In Main Settings, you can even name your publication with a special title. This can not only build brand awareness, but also lead more audience to visit your website.