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Energy Efficient Homes (ISBN - 0470376023)
In this part . . .
Energy usage is becoming an increasingly important
aspect of our personal lives. Energy costs are rising,
a trend that will surely continue. Because of the political
ramifications of obtaining the energy we need, we all can
help mitigate the huge problems that our energy consump-
tion creates. The easiest, and often the cheapest, way for
each and every one of us to reduce energy consumption is
by being more efficient with the energy that we use.
In this part I explain general concepts about energy so
that you can make the decisions that let you reach your
own energy efficiency goals. I show you how to accurately
assess and measure how you use energy in your home so
that you can decide how to invest your own personal
energy and time in making improvements. I also give you
a simple way to analyze financial investments so that you
can get the most bang for your hard earned bucks.
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Energy Efficient Homes (ISBN - 0470376023)