Custom Settings - Advanced Mode

Bar Config



View Mode

Slide HTML5 offers 2 view modes for you to choose: Standard and Lite.

Standard mode displays all the feature buttons on the toolbar, as below shows:

Lite mode displays only 3 buttons including Switch (switch to Standard mode), Thumbnails and Full Screen.



Slide Logo

Click on the Slide Logo to select and add a logo image (34*34) that displays on the toolbar of your digital content, which can help build your brand.



Logo URL

Click on the Logo URL to add a URL to link the logo to the webpage to which you want to direct your readers.



Home URL

Click on the Home URL to insert the link address to the home page of your website.



Open Window

Click on the Open Window to choose the way of how the browser window opens when readers click the logo or the Home button. You can set it to be opened in blank window.



Slide Title

Click on the Slide Title to set a title for your HTML5 digital content.



Slide Description

Click on the Slide Description to write a general introduction to your digital content.



ToolBar Color

Click on the ToolBar Color to select a color for the toolbar.



Icon Color

Click on the Icon Color to change the color of buttons to match that of the toolbar.



Font Color

Click on the Font Color to change the font color of the page number in the middle of the toolbar.