Custom Settings - Advanced Mode




Show QRCode

Each generated book will have a QR code after being published online. Your readers can read your digital content by scanning the QR code after you choose to show the QR code.



Logo Settings

You can customize the height and padding (position) for the logo within the toolbar after adding a logo for the digital content.



Home button

You can allow your readers to click the Home Page button on the toolbar to open your website home page via browser. You can also change the Home button with your own icon (PNG or JPG image).



Annotation button

The Annotation feature of Slide HTML5 allows you to add annotations to the digital content. You can add cursor, highlight, text, shape, note, image file and signature to the digital content.



Share button

Your readers can click the Share button on the toolbar to share your digital content with others on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.



Thumbnails button

The Thumbnails button enables you to jump pages with ease. You are able to customize the Color, Background Alpha and Button Icon for the thumbnails.



FullScreen button

Full Screen button enables readers to view the digital content in full screen mode.



Table of Content button

Your readers can click the Table of Content button to view the outline of your digital content and click the content to jump pages. You can customize the color and the font for the panel background.



Search button

If you've enabled the "Import Search" option while importing the source file, you can show the Search button and set the least search characters. Therefore, all the search result pages containing the key words they input will be listed in the search panel when readers type key words in the Search box and click the Search button.



Print button

Your readers can click the Print button to print your digital content. They can choose to Print All Pages, Current Page or customize Print Range and specific pages.

In addition, you can add watermark files (images or SWF files) so readers will get printed documents with watermarks.



Sound Config

You can show the Sound button and add a Background Sound File to your digital content. Also, you can set Sound Loops for the background music. Music will play/pause when readers click the Sound On/Off button.



Help Config

You can add an image (JPG or PNG) as Help Content File. The Help Content file will pop up when readers click the Help button. You can add some tips to the help file as well. Besides, you can customize proportions (Width and Height) for the Help Window and choose to Show Help Content at first or not.



About Config

You can customize Slide information in the Information Settings (Author, Email, Website, Mobile, Address and Info) and add Company Logo to the About window.



Auto Play

Auto Play button allows readers to read your digital content in auto slide mode so they don't need to turn pages manually. You can set Auto Play on Start to make the digital content start sliding automatically whenever the digital content is opened. You can also set Slide Interval and Play Count for Auto Play.



Zoom Config

You can enable the Zoom button to show on the toolbar, and therefore, you can set the Minimum Zoom Width and Height for the digital content.



Download Settings

You can upload your PDF or PPT file online and then input the URL in "Download URL" setting. Then readers can download your source file directly by clicking the Download button.



Video list settings

You can add a list of videos (YouTube and Vimeo) by inserting video IDs. Then readers can see the pop-up video gallery by clicking the Video Gallery button.



Slideshow settings

You can show the Slideshow button and add Slideshow images. Then readers can view the photo slideshow by clicking the Slideshow button.