Custom Settings - Advanced Mode

Display Settings



Background Config

You can design the background with Gradient Color (Color A and Color B) or Image.



Slide Shortcut Button Visible

You can show Slide Shortcut Buttons so readers can click them to turn pages.



Original Page Index

If you want your digital content start at specific page, you can use Origin Page Index. For example, if you set origin page index as 3, and then it will open at Page 3 when the digital content loads.



Enable Right to Left

You can use Right to Left reading mode if your target audience is in favor of Right to Left languages such as Arabic.



Sliding Time

This option allows you to customize the sliding speed (the span of time it takes to complete sliding a page).



Retain the Content to Center

This option is to retain the digital content to the center of the whole reading window. The content will display at the right side (when it's closed) if you select the No button.




This slide mode makes your digital content look like a real catalog.



Show Double Pages

You can choose Double Pages or Single Page slide mode when selecting slide mode for your digital content.



Page Numeration

You can set Total Pages Caption and Page Number Caption. The details on setting caption for each page of your digital content can be listed as follows:

The format is: acture page number:caption;. For example, if you set 1:I;2:II;3:III;4:IV;5:V;6:First Unit;7:;8-100:1+, it will show I for the first page, II the second page, III for the third page, IV for the forth page, V for the fifth page, First Unit for the sixth page, empty/nothing shown for the seventh page, then show 1,2,3...93for page 8 to 100 (1+ means show caption from number 1, and increase 1 corresponding to the later pages). Another example, you have 30 pages book and you want to show page numbers from 3001 to 3030, then you can set caption as 1-30:3001+.
The caption value also can be set with Macro: StartPageIndex-EndPageIndex:any string{N/R/r+StartNumber}any other string (N means Arabic number, R means uppercase Roman number, r means lowercase Roman number, + means increase progressively). For example ,if you want to show page numbers for a 1000 page book as P6,P7,P8...P1005, you may use this: 1-1000:P{N+6}; if you want to show page number for a 10 page book like, Page I#, Page II#, Page III#, Page IV#... Page X#, you can simply use 1-10:Page {R+}#.




This option allows you to adjust the proportions of the digital content. You can set Margins (Top Margin, Bottom Margin, Left Margin and Right Margin) for your digital content.