Custom Settings - Simple Mode

Simple mode is for quick publishing. It enables you to design the digital catalog with main features, which saves you the trouble of dealing with more complicated settings.

Contents of Custom Settings Simple Mode



Toolbar View Settings

There are two toolbar modes to choose: Standard and Lite.

Standard mode displays all the feature buttons on the toolbar, as below shows:

Lite mode displays only 3 buttons including Switch (switch to Standard mode), Thumbnails and Full Screen.



Brand Settings

Slide HTML5 allows you to brand the digital catalog with your own corporate logo. You can select an image to display in the catalog; and you are able to add a link for the logo and set logo height and position.



Loading Settings

You can customize loading settings for the digital catalog: define loading caption, set font color for the loading caption and even add a loading picture. When the digital catalog is loading, you will see the loading interface as below shows.



Book Margin Settings

You can adjust the catalog size by changing the book margins.



Slide Settings

Once you enable Auto Slide mode, the digital catalog will slide the pages automatically.



Background Settings

Customize the digital catalog background with (gradient) color or image.



Toolbar Settings

You can decide what feature buttons to show on the toolbar.