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Make Your Digital Magazine & Catalog & Content Accessible on iPad, iPhone & Android

I believe that there is no need to remind you of the popularity of mobile devices in the global. But here are some facts that may raise your attention.

Fact #1: Mobile use has surpassed desktop use and mobile screen has become the primary screen.

Fact #2: Mobile views of online video are increasing at shocking speed.

Fact #3: People are tending to use mobile devices for online purchase during holiday season.

My conclusion based on above facts is: the advantages and potentials of mobile marketing are obvious; and it's high time you got what you are selling or promoting mobile-ready. You may have already built mobile-optimized websites, but what about your digital catalogs?

Slide HTML5 can be your ultimate solution for mobile friendly digital publication publishing. This powerful software can help you create HTML5 based digital publications with interactive page sliding effect. And the published digital catalogs can offer a smooth digital reading experience on not only desktops and laptops but also mobile devices.

What can be accessed anywhere?

Mobile Reading

Once you publish the digital catalog, you can upload it to your server or publish it directly to Slide HTML5 Cloud Platform. And your audiences can access your creative content on their iPads, iPhones, Android tablets/smartphones and other mobile devices.

read on mobile, iPad, iPhone, Android


Mobile Video Viewing

Along with the digital content, the embedded multimedia can also play seamlessly on the mobile. Readers can view local MP4 videos you added, YouTube and Vimeo videos without any problem. Thus, make your video content persuasive and clear.

watch online publication video on mobile

Mobile Shopping

The Animation Editor of Slide HTML5 allows you to add e-Commerce items to the HTML5 page slide catalog. You can add one-stop PayPal button to enable readers to purchase your products directly. And this can be done very convenient on their mobiles.

do shopping within mobile catalog


Mobile Social Sharing

Nowadays, people are going crazy with Share, Like and Tweet on their mobiles. Imagine if each of your friends, friends of your friends and theirs of theirs gives your mobile-ready catalog a like, tweet or share. Your content will be hot on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

share publication via social networks on mobile



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