Make Security for Your Digital Publications Online

Magazine publishing tool to publish digital books online with security assurance

No matter you’re running a business or just for personal use, you create valuable digital content online, you have the right to share your content everywhere while you can also protect it there too. The very digital publishing tool slide HTML5 enables you to keep sensitive digital content secure by encrypting it. As a publisher, you can set access permission for the digital content according to your needs.

It helps you push digital content to targeted readers anywhere, on any PC, tablet, or mobile device and so on. Your digital content exits on readers’ devices, even when offline, but it can be completely encrypted because you maintain control of it. You can keep it open to the public or private at any time. Slide HTML5 is an easy-to-use, powerful digital content publishing tool that allows you to share everything and keep it private, too. Go ahead and publish e-books with security assurance.

We take security seriously! Our cloud-based solution allows you to restrict access and protect your PDF content. Limit access to content and even leverage your own database to authenticate users remotely Blocked management for private content - you can even lock our support team from seeing your publication content. When they enter a username and password these will be sent to our template server and checked to see if the user belongs to a group that has access rights to read that issue. • Login when the magazine is launched • Login after the reader zooms in for the first time • Login after the reader has turned x number of pages • Login after a specified time period

How to make security for your digital content?

1. Enter Slide HTML5 Online Interface

When you use the slide HTML5 content publishing tool to keep content secure, you need to login the online version. After entering homepage, you can begin to create and manage books online; you can select the folder under “MY SLIDES" for sake of finding your book.

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2. Select Options from "Privacy Settings" Window

Find your book in the list, and you will view a book shape icon named "Public" on the top right side, upon clicking it, a "Privacy Settings" window will pop up to let you select options to keep your book from Security. You can add password protection to digital content or keep private on slideHTML5 cloud. If you save it and the public will be not allowed to read your book any more.

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