Advanced Event Editor of Catalog Marketing Software

Design and Customize Interactive Digital Publication Catalog for Different Occasion

Looking for awesome free content marketing software to create interactive content for digital publication? Want to insert animation effect into digital publication to engage audience? In this case, you can take Slide HTML5 into consideration. Slide HTML5 is ideal online catalog software to create interactive content with animation effect.

When we talk Animation Editor of Slide HTML5, we have to mention the action of inserted objects especially advanced event editor. With advanced event editor, you can add events for multiple inserted objects such as image, text and video and more. In other words, you can customize the trigger on object A then select an object B and select an action for the object B. All in all, you can make object B show with the action you add while you touch the trigger of object A.

How to Modify Advanced Event?

Step1.Insert Multimedia Content into Digital Publication

With Animation Editor, you can insert image, link, button, hotspot and more into digital publication by pressing icon directly.

Slide HTML5 Advanced Event Editor

Step2. Customize Properties and Animation

Then start to customize properties of insert objects such as color, size and shape and more. Furthermore, you are able to customize incoming and outgoing animation of multimedia content and customize the time line to display interactive contents.

Slide HTML5 Advanced Event Editor

Step3. Modify Advanced Event

Add action for insert objects. Select advanced event and start to add new event. Then customize trigger event, trigger object and trigger actions by Slide HTML5.

Slide HTML5 Advanced Event Editor

Step4: Preview

Save and exit to preview the advanced event of digital publication. Then you will see the trigger object will be display with the trigger action while you click the trigger event.

Slide HTML5 Advanced Event Editor


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