Analyze Your Digital Publications Access Statistics in Slide HTML5

Know more about your visitors’ behaviors and preference & optimize your digital content

For publishers, it is important to know whether your publications can be well-receive or not. A comprehensive understanding of your visitors can help you to make the most out of your marketing planning. The Cloud Platform, the new cloud technology, is able to storage your publications and help you know more about your readers’ characteristics and behaviors with clear statistics. Indeed, it is Slide HTML5--the free catalog maker that provides you such convenient service. Thus, the publishers can timely receive the report about zoom patterns, page views and how long spend on the page and more. Then in the future publishing, they can create more interactive catalogs that meet the audiences’ need.

Analytics within your Digital Publications provide invaluable insights not only to how you’re your publication is performing, but also to consumer habits while using your Digital Publications enabling you to ascertain many facts and figures to do with your publication. This can include how many people are reading your publication, how much of an increase your publication is enjoying in each release and exactly where within your publications is proving popular with the consumer enabling you to allocate more resources towards the sections that are popular with the consumer.

Slide HTML5, not only can help you convert PDF or Powerpoint into attractive catalogs, but also help you to reach the right audience. With the provided publications statistics, you can be well informed of all the followings: the reading times, how many people like your digital catalogs, how many times it is shared, and the average time spending. With such statistics, Slide HTML5 can help you better serve the current customers and win new ones.

How to check your digital content reader statistics:

Step1. Log in to Slide HTML5 website;

You can create a new account in Slide HTML5 website. Or just sign in with your social network account.

analyze your digital content accesss statistics

Step2. Click Statistics icon on the Homepage;

analyze your digital content accesss statistics

Step3. Check your Lifetime Statistics;

This statistics include user statistics and publication statistics. Besides, you can see your publication performance with the vivid table. With this statistics, you can know which digital publications readers like best.

analyze your digital content accesss statistics

Step4. Check your Publications Statistics

There is a form showing your readers activities on all your publications. You can have a general understanding through comparison. Then you can better develop your online marketing by optimize the popular content.

analyze your digital content accesss statistics

All above are on the basis of you having uploaded your digital catalogs in Slide HTML5 cloud platform. Therefore, when you finish modifying your catalogs, just click upload online and you can also view your statistics.

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