Add Attractive HTML5 Animation to Digital Brochure and Magazine

An easy way to present your digital publications spectacularly and fixed with Cool HTML5 Animation

Nowadays, more and more people would like make themselves look distinct and have a chase for personal look. Mostly, it helps grasp people's eyes immediately. And it is the same story for your digital publication. No one would be sparkled by a tedious and ordinary content.

Different from traditional paper publications, digital catalog is much easier to be customized and its design ideas are convenient to realize. Even though many people are full of many new ideas, they are still confused because they fail to apply the appropriate software to assist them. Slide HTML5, a powerful digital catalog maker, is equipped with many specific functions to customize your publications, because it has the Customize Looks and Feel Functionality feature.

Customize Looks and Feel Functionality mainly helps you to customize every detail of your catalog. There are many operations such as functional toolbar settings (Home Button, Annotation Button, Share Button, Thumbnails Button, Fullscreen Button, Print Config, Sound Config, Help Config, Auto Config, Zoom Config, and Download Settings); change publication logo and title; define publication size, change background image and so on. 12+ templates, 50+ themes from Slide HTML5 are also available and Slide HTML5 will release more templates and themes.

By now, Template, Theme and Custom Settings are free for all users but TOC (Table of Content) is only available to Pro or above edition and you have to upgrade your account to premium version first.

How to operate the Slide HTML to design your digital publication?

Step1. Import a file and sign in Slide HTML5;

Only limited functions are open for free version and for further use, you have to upgrade your account to a premium version.

Customize Looks & Feel Functionality

Step2. Choose the template and theme;

In template panel and theme panel, click to pick the appropriate predesigned template and theme for your digital catalog.

Customize Looks & Feel Functionality

Step3. Use Custom Settings to define the details;

You can design your digital publication by changing the settings of Toolbar View, Brand, Loading, Book Margin, Flip, Background and Toolbar. Remember to input your Logo URL so that people can search your content online.

Customize Looks & Feel Functionality

Step4. Customize your TOC (Table of Content) and apply change.

Customize Looks & Feel Functionality


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