Powerful Cloud Based Publication Administration & Management Tool

To manage your online digital interactive magazines, catalogs and brochures with powerful digital content managing tool

If you have uploaded your digital publications online, what will happen in the future? What can you do with the online publications? Maybe lots of people are confused about what to do with their online magazines, catalogs and brochures. As we all know, Slide HTML5 is the free online marketing tools with the Cloud Publishing Platform. It provides the cloud storage service for you. At the same time, it equips you with administration and management tool. When you have uploaded a plenty of magazines or catalogs, it is necessary for you to manage your publications with the useful tools.

After you sign in with your own account, you can see all your publications in the homepage. In this platform, you can also quickly upload your PDF or PPT to create interactive publication. And in your folder, you can modify you e-book with details setting. For example, it is available for you to disable, delete, copy, print and download the e-book.

The Powerful Digital Content Managing Tool

Customize general settings

You are freely to change the book information, which contains title, description, keywords, category and label. Besides, the template and theme are on your control. As for the advanced settings, this platform provides you Main, Toolbar, Branding and Gallery settings.

powerful online publication administration & management tool

Embed into website

If you want your interactive publication displaying on your website, Slide HTML5 provides you the embed code and step.

powerful online publication administration & management tool

Share through social networks

You can easily share the digital publications on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. Moreover, you can share with their friends by Emailing.

powerful online publication administration & management tool

Change privacy settings

There are three visibility options for you: Private, Keep Private on SlideHTML5 Cloud and Public on the web. Just select the one according to your situations.

powerful online publication administration & management tool


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