Make Commerce+ Shoppable Digital Catalog

Make E-commerce Easily Happens through Interactive Digital Publication

The explosive growth of e-commerce in recent years has increased competition both among companies and individuals doing online retail over the internet. Therefore, as vendors, you are definitely longing for new possibilities to attract customers' interest and increase profits through your platforms. In the first place, content construction of your online stores plays an important role. Once you edit and present your products in an unusual way, you yield twice the result with half the effort. The easy-use digital publishing Slide HTML5 software has this feature that offers you a very effective approach to achieve it in an interactive way. 

The specific function of slide HTML5, including built-in PayPal module and combination of your interactive content, animation and one-stop shopping experience on online stores will clearly lead to more customer satisfaction. Based on a variety of PayPal application modules including Product Box, Star Rating, Buy Button, Discount, Label Ribbon and Pricing, Slide HTML5 animation editor provides a convenient way for you to intuitively generate more attractive content in e-commerce about products, price and deals, leading your potential customers to receive the creative and concrete information of products and purchase without trouble.

Slide HTML5 was specifically designed to help retailers, publishers and brands quickly implement and deliver multichannel commerce-ready digital publications that enhance the shopping experience for todays connected consumers, resulting in remarkable brand experiences, impressive conversion rates and material ROI. Slide HTML5 self-service solution has provided us complete control over the creation of our digital lookbooks enabling us to deliver content that provides outfit inspiration for our customers.

How to make it shoppable?

Step1. Just prepare your products catalog or some basic information, import the files first.

Slide HTML5 Commerce+ Make Shoppable

Step2. Click "Animation Editor" and load the page. Then you can add text, link, image, sound, video, hot spot, button, and shape to custom your own product catalogs, making them vivid is not difficult any more.

Slide HTML5 Commerce+ Make Shoppable

Slide HTML5 Commerce+ Make Shoppable

Step3. Move to "Add Component" button, the "Add Component" button will come up. And there are five buttons including Add paypal, Add price, Add discount, Add Star, Add product Box to help you make it shoppable as an e-commerce platform.

Slide HTML5 Advanced Event Editor

Is it amazing to get involved in e-commerce field with such vivid and interactive way? Create your own specific catalog, draw your potential customers’ attention and make e-commerce happens!


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