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Wonderful Digital Content Software to Creat Impress Digital Content in WordPress Website

As we know WordPress is one of the most popular tools for users to create a website with your own fashion style. Anyway, with the rapid development of Internet technology, there are more and more effective and simple ways for users to design and beautify website. Then embedding flipbook plugin is one of the most popular and effective way to create digital content so far.

Slide HTML5 is wonderful digital publication plugin software to create digital content for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Slide HTML5 provides publishers the opportunity to harness the ease of WordPress to turn their site into an HTML5 based publication. On one hand, flipbook plugin can help you showcase your business brochure, product catalog to attractive more visitors; on the other hand, digital catalog plugin can present your content in a novelty and impressive way. Furthermore, the slide flipbook plugin is compatible with almost all browsers of mobile devices.

How to Embed Wordpress Digital Catalog Plugin?

Step1.Publish Digital Catalog as Plugin

Login software and press "Publish to Local" to "Save as Plug-in", select WordPress Plug-in and continue filling in information such as file name, flipbook size and flipbook title. Then publish it as Wordpress Plug-in.

Slide HTML5 WordPress Plugin Maker

Step2. Install Plugin

Then open WordPress website control panel, click "Plug-in", add new plugin and then upload and install plugin file easily. Anyway, don't forget to activate the plugin once finished uploading.

Slide HTML5 WordPress Plugin Maker

Step3. Embed into WordPress Website

Select your installed plugin, copy the short code and then paste it to the post or webpage you need directly.

Slide HTML5 WordPress Plugin Maker

Step4: Preview and Publish

Save and exit to preview the advanced event of digital publication. Then you will see the trigger object will be display with the trigger action while you click the trigger event.

Digital Publication Plugin


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