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Creating Offline HTML, ZIP and Exe Digital Content of Digital Publication

Along with the development of technology and economic, people can do reading with paper book or digital publication. Anyway, digital publication is really popular in recent days. Then do you have difficult in reading digital publication when you can't access Internet? In this case, don't you think it will be better if your digital publication can be read offline?

If you need to distribute your digital publications offline – via CDs/DVDs or Flash-drives – you can create an EXE file (for PC) or an APP file (for Mac). Offline publications can be used as a part of your press kit, promo production, or corporate gift. Saving your offline publication for Windows Slide HTML5 creates an autorun file, which allows to start your publication automatically after inserting a СD/DVD or plugging a USB-drive in the computer.

Slide HTML5 is a reliable digital publication creator to create online and offline digital content for different usages. There are powerful editor of Slide HTML5 for users to insert animated multimedia contents into digital catalog. Furthermore, you can choose to publish digital publication online or offline. If you would like to publish offline, then you need to select format before publishing. Anyway, different format can be used for different purpose. For instance, you can read digital publication by opening it via browsers or publish to your server; you are able to share and store by publishing Zip and Exe.

How to Publish ZIP File for Digital Publication?

Step1: Log in and Convert

Login software and then start to import PDF or PowerPoint file. Anyway, you can choose single slide or double slide for digital publication.

Offline Version of Slide HTML5


Step2: Customize Digital Publication Settings

Then you can continue to customize digital catalog settings. For example, templates and themes settings of Slide HTML5 to change the background and layout of digital catalog; animation editor to insert animated multimedia content and custom settings to define publication settings.

Offline Version of Slide HTML5

Step3: Publish as ZIP Format

Press "publish to local" and then select format to publish your digital publication offline. Let's take zip format for example. And then you should customize output folder path, file name and HTML title of ZIP format. Finally, convert it to Zip format.

Offline Version of Slide HTML5


Step4: Read Digital Publication Offline

Now you can open the offline digital publication via browsers even though you can't access internet. Anyway, if you would like to upload digital publication to your server, you have to upload the whole content of output folder.

Offline Version of Slide HTML5



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