Customize Online Publication (Catalog & Magazine & Brochure ) Background and Color

Custom background mainly influences and adjusts the color and background image of the online publications.

Good digital publishing software should not only have rich templates, but also feature that allows editors to customize their own background. Slide HTML5 is exactly the one what you are searching for. This article will guide you how to set your personalized background for your digital catalog.

As many people have different demands for their digital publication especially the personal background, Slide HTML5 has already been equipped with function of custom background. Basically, you can change the color and image of your digital publication background or just choose either one of them. In this tutorial, we will show the whole functions of Custom Background. In practical operation, you can use functions selectively.

Custom Background provides us with two kinds of Gradient Colors, Gradient Angle and also Background Image File. Gradient Color has basic colors and custom colors, from which you can choose what fits your publishing materials best. Besides, unlike ordinary color, gradient color helps to liven up the background of online publication and personalize your online publication because you can customize the color by combining two colors. Gradient Angle decides the distribution of the two colors you have chosen before and it helps to create different results. And obviously you can change the picture by using Background Image File. Most importantly, don't forget to click the button Apply Change to see the effect you have set. If not, what you have set before is useless.

Here are some steps for you to operate the Custom Background:

Step1. Open Slide HTML5 to import a PDF file;

Step2. Search the background config;

Click Custom Settings which is in the upper-left and then go to Background config or search background after which you can see Background config. Expand Background config and the four functions already described above will come out;

search background config

Step3. Adjust background color;

Set up required background colors, angle. Open Gradient Color A and Gradient Color B to choose the color and input a number on Gradient Angle;

set the background color

Step4. Set the background image;

Open Background Image File to pick a suitable background image (png, jpg) and Click Apply Change to preview the effect;

set the background image


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