Create Search Engine Optimization Friendly online Digital Catalog

Customize Title, Description and Keywords of Digital Publication to Make Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an action of improving and promoting a website in order to increase website exposure and visitors from search engine. On one hand, search engine optimization helps you to build search-engine friendly website with ease; on the other hand, it can make people know better your website and generate more traffic. Then do you know you can create search-engine friendly digital catalog as well?

Did you think search engine optimization only applied to things like websites, blogs, or online articles? Fact is, we’ve designed your digital publications to employ SEO techniques just like any other digital content in order to help bring you to the top of the search engine heap. Slide HTML5 helps you make your digital publications work for the benefit of your business. In the past users were unable to find your digital publications without actually going to your web-site. But now thanks to creating a HTML5 version of your publication, it is much easier and simpler to find it right after it has been uploaded online. Each publication is now made available for search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. This means that internet users will be able to search, find, and access your publications simply by entering the keywords and phrases contained in your publications in to the search engines.

Slide HTML5 is wonderful digital publishing platform for users to create digital magazine, brochure, catalog and eBook from PDF or PowerPoint. Anyway, online version of Slide HTML5 allows you to create digital online publication from PDF or PowerPoint directly. Compared with online version, offline version of Slide HTML5 provides an easy way for users to insert multimedia contents for digital catalog and publish it offline with ease. Furthermore, with Slide HTML5, you can make it search-engine friendly by customizing title, description and keyword of digital publication. In addition, there is text version of your digital catalog for search-engine friendly.

How to Make Digital Catalog Search-Engine Friendly?

Customize Title, Description and Keywords

As we know that title, description and keywords play an important in Search Engine Optimization practices. With Slide HTML5, when you convert PDF or PowerPoint file to digital online publication, you are able to customize the title, description and keywords of online publication with ease. Once it uploads online, then your book information will be online as well.

Search Engien Optimization Digital Publication

Anyway, it is one of the simple ways of Slide HTML5 to help make your digital content search-engine friendly. And you also can customize meta while you are publishing it online with offline version.

Search Engien Optimization Digital Publication

Text Version of Digital Publication

Another simple way of Slide HTML5 to help promote and improve digital content is to create text version for digital publication. Once you are done with creating online digital catalog, the text version will be created either. On one hand, your content will be show as text version by Slide HTML5; on the other hand, it can be seared easier than image by search engine.

Search Engien Optimization Digital Publication


Search Engien Optimization Digital Publication


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