Start Strong on Interactive online magazine creation

Build Extraordinary HTML5 Digital magazine & Catalog Without Workflow Hassles Or High Cost

Getting a little updated with the trend, you will find yourself flooded with HTML5, interactive content, e-marketing and other buzz words. And as a matter of fact, publishing interactive HTML5 based digital magazine & catalog and getting it circulated effectively have been the highest priority tasks among digital marketers, magazine publishers, website owners, businesses, etc. However, getting all above issues solved usually involves a series of fragmented work and special teams or people, thus resulting in long-term time frame and high cost.

So my question is: Why not make a strong start with effective solution that can help avoid workflow hassles while making least effect on your budget? Your money should be used in where it is needed.

Slide HTML5, a powerful digital publishing solution, can help you create interactive digital content & magazine your audiences would love to read. With this hassle-free software, you can make fragmented progresses a whole thing. Designing, publishing and circulating now can be done at one go without interruption. To get started, you just need a PDF or MS Powerpoint file, or you can start from scratch by building a new project. Whichever option you choose, you can apply the rich built-in resources to your digital publication: templates, themes, images and so on.

Flexible Options for Content Building:

PDF to Interactive Magazine

It is very easy to start with existing PDF files. If you have build magazines, catalogs or brochures in PDF format, just import your PDF file and then you are able to design the appearance of your digital content with template, theme, custom settings and multimedia. And your audiences will definitely be impressed by the animated page slide effect.

start strong - PDF to interactive magazine


PPT to Visual Presentation

How many times have you presented your reports or proposals with PowerPoint? No offense, but if you want to make your presentation cooler and draw audiences' attention, Slide HTML5's page slide style would make it count. With just a few clicks, you can make your PPT into a visual presentation.

start strong - PPT to visual presentation

Start from Scratch

Don't have any digital content in hand yet? Not a problem, you can bring the fantasy in your mind into vision immediately. Just create a new project and you can design what your digital content will look like.

start strong - create from scratch


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