Upload Digital Content via FTP

Upload Digital Content to Your Own Website via FTP Easily

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to read digital publication rather than paper book. There is no doubt that digital publication becoming popular to promote product and services. First of all, digital publication cost less than paper book. What's more, digital publication can have flip and slide effect just like a real paper book. Furthermore, most of digital publications can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Slide HTML5 is one of the ideal digital catalog software to create digital catalog with animation effect from PDF and PowerPoint files. On one hand, you can upload PDF to online digital catalog directly; on the other hand, if you want to create a digital publication with your own website link, then you can try to publish it to FTP Server exactly. However, you also can publish digital content offline with Slide HTML5 and then upload it online via FTP. In a word, Slide HTML5 provides an easy way for users to publish digital publication to FTP Server.

Slide HTML5 allows users to store publications on their own website. This can be really useful if publications do not occupy much storage space and are intended for a particular audience situated relatively closely. After publishing PDF files to local html5 publications, the next thing is to upload the generated outputs to your website. If you don't know how to do it, please read the following instructions about how to publish your flipping ebooks to your website via FTP. FTP is like 'My Computer' for your website. It will allow you to login to your webspace and view the files on your web-server. When you have created your website you need a way to upload your site to your web-server so they can be viewed when someone goes to www.yoursite.com.

How to Publish Digital Content to FTP Server?

Step1: Login, Import and Convert

First of all, you need to login software and then import PDF or PowerPoint file to Slide HTML5. Anyway, before you convert it to digital publication, you can customize page range to import and page quality with ease.

Upload Digital Content via FTP


Step2: Enrich Digital Catalog

Before publishing, you try to enrich digital catalog with powerful animation editor, beautiful templates and multiple themes. What's more, you can customize tool bar and functional settings with custom settings of Slide HTML5.

Upload Digital Content via FTP

Step3: Publish to FTP Server

Enter into output option list and then select "to FTP Server" and then you will need to fill out the necessary information to connect to FTP server.

Upload Digital Content via FTP


Step4: Upload to Your Website

Select upload directory, files folder and HTML file name, then click "Publish" to FTP server quickly. Then it will come with the link you need.

Upload Digital Content via FTP



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