Embed Videos and Images into Digital Catalog Publication

Add Videos and Images to Any Page of Your Digital Publication to Inspire and Engage Your Customers Even More

Slide HTML5 has a number of features which when used correctly can provide quite substantial time saving in your digital publication creation, and also for Search Engine Optimization. Slide HTML5 have Interactive features which allow the publisher to add in various media elements. embed video. One of the most interesting of these elements is the ability to add a local mp4 so your publication can stream the movie.

When you’re surfing the Internet, you may find that it is obvious that electronic publishing has become a trend in every respect of life. Instead of traditional publications filling with words, words, and words, slide html5 digital publishing offers you a richer, more vivid and expressive way to make publications being far beyond words. 

Do not need to worry about feeling you getting drowsy with reading text-only slides or getting tired of creating monotonous and pale publications any more. Slide html5 gives you a hand to create your own publications online with adding videos, images and other media elements to enrich your solid content, bringing about your customers inspiration and enagagment.

Here are three steps to show you how to add images and video with slide htlm5:

Step1.Make sure slide html5 software has been installed on the computer and then login. Note that user who has not logged in the account can only preview it instead of saving the publication.

Videos and Images

Step2.Import PDF document to load in the page editor. Move to Animation Editor Page and get ready to add elements to the file.

Videos and Images

Step3. Move to "Add Image" button, you can add image from local and lib. And move to "Add video" button, it allows you to not only add video but also add YouTube and Vimeo. After finishing your own publications, please remember to exit and save!

Videos and Images

To make full use of it, you can play and stop the video via the mouse event (click, double click, down, up, move, enter and out) of other components such as button, image, text and link. Get started with slidehtlm5 and experience the incredible digital publishing with your creativity.


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