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  • 1.Twenty Questions Subject: Explorers
  • 2.Twenty Questions Team 1 Team 2
  • 3.1. Name 3 of the 4 European countries had colonies in the New World? Britain, France,Spain, Portugal.
  • 4.2. Originally, where were all explorers trying to reach and Why? Asia, for spices and riches.
  • 5.Spain. 3. What country did Columbus sail for?
  • 6.4.Which explorer sailed all the way around the world? Ferdinand Magellan.
  • 7.5.What is a conquistador? Spanish Conqueror.
  • 8.6.How did the Columbian exchange impact global trade? North America, Europe and Africa began to trade with each other, various products were brought to different areas.
  • 9.7.Name 1 new navigational invention that made travel easier? Caravel, Magnetic compass, Astrolabes.
  • 10.8.What does circumnavigate mean? Travel all the way around the world.
  • 11.9.Who was the 1st person to see the Pacific Ocean? Vasco de Balboa – traveled through the jungles of Panama.
  • 12.10. What was Juan Ponce de Leon searching for? A fountain of youth.
  • 13.11.What country settled in present day Florida? Spain.
  • 14.12.What was the nickname of the French explorers and colonists? Courer de Bois – Runners of the Woods.
  • 15.13.What rivers did the French settle near? St. Lawrence and Mississippi.
  • 16.14.Where were the British colonies located? Along the Atlantic coastline.
  • 17.15.What river did Jacques Cartier explorer? St. Lawrence.
  • 18.16. Which explorer traveled to the TIP of Africa? Bartholomew Dias.
  • 19.17.What does the “Gold” mean in the 3 G’s? To explorer for riches and spices.
  • 20.18.What was the major “export” from Africa? Slaves – it started the African slave trade.
  • 21.19. How were the Native Americans impacted by the European colonization of North and South America? Explorers brought diseases, took land.
  • 22.20. Did explorers ever discover a Northwest Passage? NO!.
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