A cover, The Milner Moshe Vardi, Informatics Forum ‘We shape our buildings

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  • 1.A cover slide
  • 2.The Milner Lecture Moshe Vardi
  • 3.Informatics Forum ‘We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us’ Winston Churchill, 12 September 1960
  • 4.Systems Design Project 2009
  • 5.Systems Design Project 2002
  • 6.Science Festival 2009
  • 7.What is informatics? Informatics is the science of information; How natural and artificial systems process, store and communicate information. This is a title slide
  • 8.This is a content slide It is the slide you get when you Insert -> New Slide Titles, bullets and numbering are University red Body text is University blue Insert ->slide number if you wish to do so
  • 9.How about lists? The first level on a content slide is automatically bulleted. Tick bullet button off it off if you don’t need it but note that you may have to manually format indents, depending upon what versions of PowerPoint you are using. Best to use title slide for plain prose. Press demote (increase indent) button to get the second level Third level Fourth level, and so on … How about numbered lists? First level item Second level item Second level item Back to first level item
  • 10.About us on a two column slide Informatics is the science of information – how natural and artificial systems process, store and communicate information; The School of Informatics is an international centre of excellence in Informatics, a hub for research, teaching and engagement with industry and the wider community; Vision: to advance Informatics as the fundamental science of the information age for positive impact; Mission: to provide the best environment to attract the brightest talent for the broadest benefit to society.
  • 11.Statistical Machine Learning and Motor Control Group Another two column slide Bayesian Multisensory Cue Integration, Bayesian Locally Weighted Regression, Context Estimation and Switching Adaptive Optimal Control for Redundant Actuators, We’re so good at what we do, it hurts etc …
  • 12.Questions?