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  • 3.This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC The Thing The were two young boys named Trevor and Will.They spent most of their summer vacation hanging around town,looking for things to do. One hot Augest night,the boys were sitting on a fence by the main road.There was a cornfield just across on the road .Suddenly Trevor spotted something in the field.In the darkness,it was difficult to make out, but he thought it looked like something in the field .In the darkness ,it was difficult to make out,but he thought it looked like some kind of weird animal. He nudged his friend and pointed in the direction of the strange-looking figure .Will said he could see it too.He wasn’t sure ,but mysterious thing seemed vaguely human. The next thing they knew,the thing was gone .The boys craned their necks and scanned the field with their eyes .Out of the blackness,came the thing . It slowly walked over to the edge of the field before disappearing again. thevor and will looked at each other,puzzle .”what was that ?”asked will “I have no idea,”replied Thevor
  • 4.This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC No sooner had he said that than thevor felt a clammy hand on his shoulder .He turned around and found himself staring directly intro the hideous face of the thing.He let out a yellof terror and surprise. The rotting skin on the thing’s face was coming off off in places,revealing the bone underneath.For a moment ,it just stared silently at thevor with its dark sunken eyes.Then,it suddenly grabbed hold of his arm.Thevor felt its fingernails dig into his flesh as he wriggled out of its grasp.The two boy leaped off the fence and ran down the road screaming in horror they didn’t stop running until they reach their home.They try to tell their parents and friends about the thibg they have seen that night,but nobody belived them.When Trevor woke up the next morning,the scratches on his arm were still there.After a few days, thy git worse and worse.Trevor git sick and his parent took him to a doctor.After examining his arm,the doctor told the boy it was infected and gave him some pills to take.Unfortunely Trevor’s condition got worse and worse.The infection spread to his entire arm and it wasan’t long before his flesh was rotting and falling off.He was taken to hospital but no matter what the doctor did,no treatment seem to work.The infection spred throughout his entire body.Trevor was confined to bed and started to waste away.It seems like he was beyond help and as the day when by,he steadily grew worse and worse.Hes anguished parents sit at his beside as they watch their beloved son slowly rotting away before their eyes.On that day that trevor finally passed away, Will came to the hospital to visit him. When the boy walked into the hospital room and saw trevor lying in bed, he was horrified.His friend looked exactly like the thing.
  • 5.The thing question 1 .Who are the two boy which spend most of their time together hanging around town? a.)Trevor and Will b.)James and Jefree c.)Charli and Dixie d.)Layna and Erika 2 .Who felt a clampy hand on his shoulder? a. )James b.)Jefree c.)Trevor d.)Will 3.Who was screaming in horror? a. )James b.)Both of the boys c.)James d.)Will
  • 6.4.Who was scratched? a.)James b.)Layna c.)Jefree d.)Treavor 5.Why was Treavor confined to bed? a. )He was getting weaker b.)He was getting taller c.)He was getting stronger d.)He was getting smarter 6.Who did end up passing away? a. )Trevor b.)James c.)Jefree d.)Layna
  • 7.This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC There was once a small town call Riverdale.There was a girl named -___________ she was known to be the most powerful women in the town.She was known to be powerful because of her money and the power she owns in the small town,she was very selfish and evil,they also claim the reason kids goes missing is because she kills them.The good thing is she helped people who in need of money ,but whoever goes ito her gothic mansion to ask for spare money,they were never return or seen ever again.Rumors says that she kills them and sacrifice them to the gods,some also says tht she kills them and uses it in witchcraft!On one dark morning,two kids James and Williams went playing around the mountains,with unconsiusnes they arrive at the gothic mansion of Cheryl Blossom.The ___________________from the mansion,but this two sturborn child decided it was funny to break into the mansion,little do they know they have choosen death.After a while of roaming around they found a secret tunnel hidden in the bushes back of the mansion,they decided to explore it and they reach into the dungeon of the mansion.Those curious kids went exploring the mansion and suddenly they _______________________________________ laying on the floor.The guards came in and saw them and have caught them for breaking in the guards then brought them to meet Cheryl Blossom.Cheryl Blossom was not surprise at all after seing them.She then said “Well well well,look who’s here,I was expecting to see you two a very long time ago”.The kids were confused as why she was expecting to see them,the kids then ask “why were you expecting us?”.She then replied,”oh sweethearts,you kids have a magical body which can keep me young forever.Why do you think kids goes missing everytime in this town.This town is cursed______________________ power,they who shall eat the kids will stay young forever!” Riverdale
  • 8.This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC The kids were then frightened and were begging for their life.Cheryl then threw them off to the dungeon where they were with other kids.All the kids were crying and screaming.As hours pass by they all____________________,until one boy notice theres a small window up them,one of the kis then said”Hey look !we can escape through the window”another kid then say”But the window is to small none of us can fit there except this two’ WHICH WERE James and William because of their small size.The kids started climbing on each other and putting James and William above them and letting them run free.As soon as they got out,they ran as quickly as they can and back to the town.When they reach home,their parents saw them and started crying.The mom then said”Where have you been!We were so worried!”.The kids then_________________and they were shocked.The news were starting to spread among the town.On one night,eberyone decided to attack Cheryl and so they gone.As they reach the mansion the guard were trying to stop them but the two guards________________________and the guards ran away.They then break in and James and William then briught them to the dungeon.Sadly the kids weare all dead and the only thing were left were the bone.They then strom off to find Cheryl,noticing she were running towards the mountain so did they chase her.After a while of chasing they reached towards the end of the mountain.The people then threaten to killed her.Cheryl then said”Hahahah you think you can threaten to kill me!”.She then__________________with her.Their parents were crying in fear,Cheryl then said”You all can’t kill me,i shall jump off with this kids and I shall curse you all to never have a happy family!”and so did she jump off.Many years has past but the curse of Cheryl has never pass,her soul roams around and steals kids
  • 9.Riverdale’s questions A. Girls name Cherly Blossom B. Were screaming and crying after seeing a dead body C. Guard tries to keep them away D. Were all playing on a escape plan E. Where kids are born with magical power Couldn’t compare to hundreds at people and Told their parent about it H. Grabbed james and William with
  • 10.I Became InsaneWith LongIntervarls OfHorrible Sanity This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC
  • 11.Mystery of life World of puzzler
  • 12.This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC zero conditional First conditional Second conditional Third conditional If + present simple, .... present simple. If you touch a fire, you get burned. People die if they don't eat. if + present simple, ... will + infinitive The first conditional has the present simple after 'if' , then the future simple in the other clause: It's used to talk about things which might happen in the future. Of course, we can't know what will happen in the future, but this describes possible things, which could easily come true. if + past simple, ...would + infinitive The second conditional uses the past simple after if, then 'would' and the infinitive:Communication was more complex and tedious. .It has two uses. First, we can use it to talk about things in the future that are probably not going to be true. Second, we can use it to talk about something in the present which is impossible, because it's not true. if + past perfect, ...would + have + past participle She wouldn't have been tired if she had gone to bed earlier She would have become a teacher if she had gone to university We make the third conditional by using the past perfect after 'if' and then 'would have' and the past participle in the second part of the sentence: It talks about the past. It's used to describe a situation that didn't happen, and to imagine the result of this situation
  • 13. ACTIVITY FOUR COMPLETE THE TEXT WITH THE CORRECT FORM OF THE VERBS IN THE BRACKET 1) If i________(go)out tonight ,I will______(go)to the graveyard. 2)If i________(does)/go to bed early ,i______(will) but go to coffin. 3) If i ________(be) you,i_________(a)the new killer. 4)If i ________(have) enough money, I would______(buy)a Victorian mansion. 5)If she_______(study)hard she might_______(be)the most powerul killer
  • 14.1.goes,,,am4.had,bought5.studys,become
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  • 20.Across 2. (horror) 4. (witchcraft) 5. (allusion) 6. (graveyard) 7. (lifeless) 12. (afterlife) 13. (phobia) 14. (gothic) 15. (death) Down 1. (ghosts) 3. (frankenstien) 8. (vampire) 9. (misty) 10. (reaper) 11. (panic)
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