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  • 1.Resumes that ROCK!
  • 2.Catch the attention of an employer Get an interview Why a Resume that ROCKS?
  • 3.A marketing tool that summarizes a person’s skills, experience, education, and other unique factors that make him or her qualified for a position, opening, or opportunity Definition of Resume
  • 4.Main purpose is to get an interview. Other uses: Scholarship applications Entrance into graduate school or specialized training programs Award applications Part of a portfolio Purpose of a Resume
  • 5.Very much should depend on the purpose and position applying for. All resumes should include applicant’s contact information. Information about applicant’s education, training, experience, and skills. What does a resume include?
  • 6.Name, addresses, phone numbers Website and email address Summary of qualifications Objective Education Experience Skills Activities Honors ROCKing Resume Contents
  • 7.Target the resume to the position. Incorporate language from the job posting/position description into headings and action bullets. No one-size-fits-all Resume
  • 8.Is clear, organized, direct and professional. Has accurate information. Looks good on paper. Focuses on accomplishments by using action verbs. Is brief and easy to read. An Effective Resume
  • 9.Target your job. Choose a format. Draft your resume. Edit and critique. Resume Writing Steps
  • 10.Chronological Work history, most recent first Preferred by many employers Best for those with a good work history who have advanced in job titles Functional Emphasizes skills Best for those with limited education or experience Not well received Work with a career adviser if you choose this style Combination Combines work history and skills Choose a Resume Format
  • 11.Define career goals clearly and concisely. or Briefly describe the position you seek. Example: To obtain an entry-level retail sales position that requires strong customer-service skills. Objective
  • 12.Use action verbs and statements. Show potential for more responsibility. Advanced from Youth Leader to 4-H Council Youth Representative Show results. Provided club leadership for Habitat for Humanity community service project resulting in 50 hours of donated services. Promoted from caddie to grounds student supervisor. Experience
  • 13.Education High school and graduation date. GPA if 3.0 or better. Special honors. Example: Honor Roll. Courses completed related to the job. Cousino High School Warren, Michigan Graduation expected: June 2013 Computer classes: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • 14.Not just a list of duties performed. Specific and results-oriented. Promoted from host to waiter in two months Proficient in Microsoft Excel, MS PowerPoint, and Adobe Photoshop Wrote high school newsletter’s youth column three years Skills
  • 15.Demonstrate leadership and community involvement. 4-H Michigan State University Junior Scholarship, 2012 Outstanding Service Volunteer, United Way of Southeast Michigan, 2011 Activities and Honors
  • 16.Keep to one page. One-inch margins. Consistent format. Bullets, not paragraphs. Avoid italics and underlining. All-caps and boldface text make important words stand out. Headers and contact info larger. Easy-to-read font. Arial, Times New Roman, Palatino, Tahoma, Verdana Smaller fonts no less than 11 points Larger fonts can be 10 points Resume Do’s
  • 17.Spelling errors, typos, poor grammar (proof by reading backward) Poor presentation (poor formatting, wordy, poor paper selection) Unprofessional email address Unqualified for job Resume Killers
  • 18.List on a separate page. Ask permission and give references a copy of your resume. Choose wisely. Recommendation letters need to be originals. References
  • 19.Resumes evolve over time. Good resumes get interview opportunities. Your interview “performance” secures the job. What you put into your career management is what you will get out of it. “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to the light I have.” — Abraham Lincoln Conclusion