Interactive Videos Used For Marketing


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  • 2.The domain of marketing is changing and evolving continuously. Today there are many businesses that leverage interactive or customer experience video for improved conversions. These videos allow your prospective customers to actually take part in the content, and are extremely convincing, captivating, and compelling. The longer you manage to engage your audience; the better will be your chances of acquiring loyal customers. Among the modern digital marketing tools available, Interactive content has proven to be one of the most impactful ways of catching and holding the attention of online visitors and persuading them to seek out the solutions offered by a company. Moreover, videos that are interactive also make your campaigns more memorable by leaving a lasting impact on the target audience. These videos allow you to engage customers and attract prospects by putting them in control of the flow of the content using clicks, drags, scrolls, buttons, keystrokes, hover, etc. They can interact with the elements of the video, alter its storyline and enjoy an experience that is truly personalized. Interactive videos can be of multiple types. Here are some of the most popular ones: Interactive Videos Used For Marketing 2
  • 3.Hotspots: Such videos feature distinctive hotspots that are meant to create visual interest by swiftly grabbing the attention of the viewers. Hotspots essentially are clickable points in the video. The user is taken through the length of the video, amidst which they get to select hotspots. These hotspots might give them additional information, provide them a certain context, or even take them to any other place online. The online user just has to select the hotspot and take the action that they want to. Such types of videos are usually highly impactful and often lead to immediate conversions. hotspots videos use for marketing
  • 4.Branched stories: These videos allow online users to select their own adventure. In simpler terms, these videos engage the target audience with the help of storytelling, but give the users the capacity to be in charge of the narrative. This is generally done through decision points that make the viewer answer questions on the basis of which they are navigated to the next clips. Video quizzes: Such videos are popular for creating an active viewing experience. As its name suggests, they allow you to ask questions to your target audience, which keeps them interested in the content. In most cases, you will find videos absolutely glued to these quizzes. Details about platforms that allow you to create a secured video having interactive elements can be found online. Secured video use for marketing
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