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  • 1.Krug 11Usability as Courtesy Jeff Offutt http://www.cs.gmu.edu/~offutt/ SWE 205 Software Usability and Design
  • 2.Krug’s Airline Strike Story It is plain, simple, common courtesy to tell people what they want to know User interfaces must be polite ! Mensch : A person having admirable characteristics, such as fortitude and firmness of purpose (answers.com) My book will be titled “All I really need to know about usability, I learned in Kindergarten” 26-Sep-21 © Jeff Offutt 2
  • 3.Covey’s Emotional Bank Account 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey We maintain a personal “emotional” bank account with everyone we have a relationship with Friends, spouses, parents, children, teachers, students The account starts neutral Deposits : Doing something good (building trust) Withdraws : Doing something wrong If the account goes negative, it is very hard to recover trust 26-Sep-21 © Jeff Offutt 3
  • 4.Depositing Into the Bank Account Understand the other person Keep commitments Clarify expectations Attend to the little things Show integrity Apologize sincerely for withdrawals 26-Sep-21 © Jeff Offutt 4 If a GUI goes negative, the user will not come back
  • 5.Usability Withdrawals Hiding information that users want Phone numbers, shipping rates, prices Phone calls are expensive, but hiding phone numbers costs more than it saves Punishing users for not doing things your way Formatting numbers (to dash or not to dash?) Asking users for unnecessary information Do you really need my home address? My social? Trying to fool me (“shuck and jive”) “Your call is important to us” … I know it’s not! 26-Sep-21 © Jeff Offutt 5
  • 6.More Usability Withdrawals Putting cool junk (“sizzle”) in the users’ way Flash intro, marketing photos Amateurish looking website Sloppy, disorganized, unprofessional 26-Sep-21 © Jeff Offutt 6 Sometimes violating these principles will save money … but calculate the cost versus the benefit as a business decision Don’t do it out of ignorance
  • 7.Usability Deposits Know what users want and make them easy and obvious Always keep your eyes on the goal Tell users what they want to know Costs, extra fees … UIs get more points for honesty than they lose from being expensive Save users steps when possible Put links in email Combine login and registration into one screen Put some effort into making info available Think hard about what users know and don’t know 26-Sep-21 © Jeff Offutt 7
  • 8.More Usability Deposits Know users’ questions and answer them Frequently Asked Questions are very valuable Must keep these up to date ! Make users comfortable with easy-to-print pages No navigation, no ads Make error recovery easy When in doubt, apologize Everybody makes mistakes, the mark of character is whether you apologize, fix it, and learn 26-Sep-21 © Jeff Offutt 8
  • 9.Summary 26-Sep-21 © Jeff Offutt 9 Everything I need to know about usability, I learned in kindergarten Don’t push If you hurt somebody, say you’re sorry Help your friends Listen to the teacher Don’t make messes—if you do, clean them up Be nice If you got an A in kindergarten, you can design good user interfaces