Costume Ideas for Holidays and Festivals


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  • 1.5 Flag Wig Ideas for Repping Your Country at Sports Events and Festivals A country’s flag is beyond important - it's not just a wind-blown piece of fabric, but a representation of a country’s past and present to the entire world. Many people’s love and passion for the flag of their motherland goes beyond saying. The flag is with us through every conflict and war as a symbol of dignity. Flags can also play an important role in displaying support and homage to our nations, especially during sports events, carnivals, or even difficult times. A tell-tale sign of support for a country comes by wearing their national colors and flag-themed merchandise and accessories, or even wearing the flag itself! There are countless ways to wear flags as a tribute to a motherland, or as a show of support for other countries that we stand by, and wearing a wig has got to be one of the most unique options! In this article, we will guide you through some flag-themed wigs that will turn heads and garner support for the country of your choosing. 1. Flag Troll Wig Troll wigs are quite popular nowadays as a cosplay accessory, and they never fail to attract attention with their funny shapes and unique styles. Troll wigs usually come in one color or try to mimic a specific character, but now there are troll wigs that represent countries! These fun, lighthearted wigs are a great way to show support. Link: costumes/products/1-2-days-dispatch-mens-wig-for-cosplay-united-states-flag-trolls-style-hm- 132?variant=31600319299662 2. Flag Jumbo Afro Wig Love a big afro? Who doesn’t! Afros can be extremely representative, from a fun fashion statement to a means of protesting serious causes. If you're an admirer of this bushy and springy hairstyle, wearing a flag-themed afro wig is certainly something to get excited about. With quality synthetic fiber and an adjustable cap to accommodate all, these afros come with multiple flag options to choose from. Link: 3. Flag Bob Wig Having a bob hairstyle is fun yet sophisticated. It emits an essence of sophistication and has been rocked by many, from corporate ladies to secret assassins! Bobs are a blast, but are
  • 2.definitely a commitment style as they’re so short. Luckily, wigs are a great way to indulge in the delight of a bob without committing to the cut for real. It’s even more fun to choose a flag-themed bob wig for a festival, sporting event, or a day of historical/cultural significance. Link: 4. Flag Mullet Wigs Mullets used to be a fashion trend during the 80’s and 90’s, and just like other older fashion trends, mullets are making their way back into modern fashion again. DIY-haircuts and the long lockdowns at home have arguably played a major role in the resurgence of the style, but many believe its return was inevitable. Mullet-styled wigs, thus, have gained huge popularity, especially by being worn by stars like Miley Cyrus and featured on the viral true-crime drama "Tiger King.” Now you can combine this fashion trend with your national pride by wearing a mullet with the flag of your nation. You’ll be sure to stand out in the crowd! Link: 5. Shoulder Length Wavy Wigs If you want your wig to be fun and stylish at the same time, a shoulder-length wavy wig is a great option. These wigs are a natural, flattering style, but also represent a cause! Choose from an array of colors and represent a cause or country that you believe in. Perfect for a festival or sports event, this attractive hairstyle packs a punch. Link: Flags undoubtedly hold a special place in the hearts of many, and wearing them as a tribute to our beloved countries are a means to show support and boost spirits. These pre-styled wigs are made of quality synthetic fiber and make self-expression at festivals, carnivals, sports events, and event social causes a whole lot easier. Good luck and have fun!