Deer Sticker is a sticker manufacturing company that has offered affordable, high-quality stickers to numerous businesses throughout the years. We made every effort to update printing technology to ensure the quality of our products. 30% less expensive th


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  • 2.TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction About Us Advantages of stickers Application of labels
  • 3.INTRODUCTION We are a sticker printing factory that has provided high-quality and low-cost stickers to various companies throughout the years. To ensure the quality of our products, we made every effort to update printing technology.
  • 4.ABOUT US Stickers have gained an immense popularity in the past few years. And this could not pass unobserved by marketers, who are always in search of cost effective advertising tools. Business stickers have become a modern inexpensive type of advertising, which offers a wide range of application and placement.
  • 5.ADVANTAGES OF STICKERS Stickers are a universal type of advertising, which is characterized by a simple and attractive appearance, small format. Advantages of using custom business stickers are: Profitable brand presentation due to unlimited opportunities for presenting information. Increase in sales: you can print promotions, discounts, promotional codes on custom stickers. Presentation of product information, emphasis on a specific point on your custom labels: advantages, technical data. Reminder of yourself: placing stickers with the brand logo on other sites to unobtrusively declare your company.
  • 6.APPLICATION OF LABELS To make sure that small custom stickers with an adhesive base are a really profitable tool for advertising, here are a few examples of application: On cups for coffee, tea or other drinks. Printing 10 thousand stickers is much cheaper than making branded dishes. In transport: taxi, bus, subway - all these places are very common for sticker placements. On mobile phone, laptop, tablet: you can decorate the equipment of the company's employees and offer business stickers to customers.
  • 7.4. On folders, files, any enterprise documentation - your custom labels will make them truly represent your brand. 5. In public places: in shop windows, supermarkets, shopping centers - business stickers will scream your brand to customers and make it more recognizable. For example, owners of a travel company can attract additional customers by distributing business stickers with a beautiful landscape, logo. You can independently issue logo stickers as souvenirs. Such a small element will definitely not lie in your pocket, but will be on the phone panel, notebook or refrigerator. You popularize the brand, customers are satisfied! There’s numerous ways to use your custom printed stickers but one thing’s for sure: it can benefit your brand greatly. If you want to order high quality stickers for your company today, Deer Sticker is the best place to do so, we offer the best prices and value our customers’ satisfaction over anything.
  • 8.CONTACT US +1 216-971-3933 Sheridan WY 82801 USA