Safety Matters Challenge, What, The Safety Matters Challenge will increase

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  • 2.Safety Matters Challenge
  • 3.What? The Safety Matters Challenge will increase member engagement while supporting the mission of the Foundation. We will measures your region’s growth in member donors and dollars raised for the Safety Matters Fund. Region A – Safety Matters Donors +200% +120% This Year Last Year Growth 100 donors 300 donors $25,000 $55,000 Example: Last year, Region A had 100 donor members and raised $25,000 for Safety Matters. During the Challenge period (this year), Region A has 300 donor members and they gave $55,000 for Safety Matters. Respective growth percentages are 200% and 120%, which will be compared to the results of other regions.
  • 4.When? Donations accepted from September 1, 2015 – May 31, 2016 and at House of Delegates on June 26, 2016 2015 2016
  • 5.Award Winning Regions receive Foundation Program Bucks which they can apply to Foundation programs (education, leadership development & research) for use in their Region.* 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 8% of total raised for Safety Matters Ex. $300,000 raised = $24,000 prize 5% of total raised for Safety Matters Ex. $300,000 raised = $15,000 prize 2% of total raised for Safety Matters Ex. $300,000 raised = $6,000 prize Before awarding Foundation program bucks, the Safety Matters Fund must first meet or exceed break-even compared to last year. Awards will be based on the total Safety Matters Fund value.
  • 6.Where? Challenge winners will be announced at SAFETY 2016, June 26-29, Atlanta, GA
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  • 9.FAQ Q: Why is the challenge all about Safety Matters donations? A: We appreciate all donations and understand some donors have their favorite programs. But this year we are celebrating 25 years, and we want to celebrate all our programs, all our work, all our success stories. Safety Matters funds the whole package, from start-up funds for new initiatives (like the Family Scholarship Fund) to maintaining cherished programs (like our scholarships and grants) to the investments in technology that make them all run smoother. Our first 25 years were made possible by Safety Matters and we will invest in the next 25 with your gifts to Safety Matters. Q: Is there a minimum donation amount? A: We encourage you to donate $25 in honor of the Foundation’s 25th, or better yet, $50 in honor of the first 25 years and $25 in expectation for the next 25. That said, we are sincerely grateful for any amount you can give and every donation will count toward your region’s participation rate. Q: What are “Foundation Bucks” and what can they used for? A: The top three Regions will receive “Foundation Bucks”, which can be used toward Foundation programs in your Region. The RVPs from the winning Regions will decide how to allocate the funds to best support ASSE members in those Regions.
  • 10.What Next? Give $25 or more at Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn Talk to us @ASSE_Safety #Foundation25