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  • 1.FW/1 - Framework One An introduction to the ColdFusion framework created by Sean Corfield. Presented by Ben Ellefson
  • 2.About Me ColdFusion developer for 9 years Twin Cities CFUG Manager Framework enthusiast Experience with Fusebox, Model-Glue, Mach-ii, ColdBox, ColdSpring, Reactor and now FW/1 Disclaimer: Mach-ii fan
  • 3.What is FW/1? ColdFusion MVC Framework Lightweight – single CFC file (1700 lines) Convention based instead of configuration based Flexible code organization
  • 4.Why Sean made FW/1 Dissatisfied with current application frameworks Too bloated Too complex Requires XML Dependent on configuration Too much overhead for simple apps
  • 5.Simple Application org Contains single framework file views Contains section folders View cfm files within each folder Application.cfc Extends org.corfield.framework Index.cfm Blank
  • 6.Standard Application controllers Contains cfc for each section layouts Contains cfm for each layout services Contains cfc for each service
  • 7.FW/1 URLs All links direct to /index.cfm Pages access using ?action=section.item Section = name of folder within views folder Item = file within views/section folder SES URLs available /index.cfm/section/item/name/value
  • 8.Controllers ?action=section.item looks for the method item() in /controllers/section.cfc Passes the request collection “rc” as a single argument. Struct containing url and form variables, plus more. Automatically calls before(), startItem(), Item(), endItem(), after() Controllers are cached, cleared with ?reload=true
  • 9.Layouts Multiple layouts are available View Layout: /layouts/section/item.cfm Section Layout: /layouts/section.cfm Site Layout: /layouts/default.cfm Layouts cascade from view to section to site Cancel cascading by setting request.layout = false #body# contains current rendered view
  • 10.Services Services called from controller by fw.service(“cfc.function",“variable") Results placed in requet collection “rc” with variable name stated in the call
  • 11.Views Receive the request collection “rc” from the controller to display variables populated by the service. View file called is automatically determined by the action (i.e. section.item) View file can be changed by calling setView() or setLayout() to call a new action.
  • 12.Critique Hard to find information No framework website Documentation only found through Corfield’s Blog No community around FW/1 Very little found via Google search Framework not compatible with CF previous to 9.0.1 Conventions assume small app and do not allow for deep nesting of folders.
  • 13.Critique Sample and Skeleton apps are poor Filled with bugs Too simple to understand how a full app would be built with FW/1 No comments in code In 6 hours testing for this presentation, I was unable to build one page that had a query in the service passed to the view to display.
  • 14.More Information Available for download at http://fw1.riaforge.org/ Free for use under the Apache 2.0 License Latest version requires ColdFusion 9.0.1 Documentation at https://github.com/seancorfield/fw1/wiki