Astrological Benefits of Wearing Ruby


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  • 1.Astrological Benefits of Wearing a Ruby
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  • 3.Introduction Diamonds may be girl’s best friends but rubies have got astrological benefits that you probably didn’t know about. Along with being extremely precious and delightful to look at, the red colored gemstone also has multiple advantages. A few are listed here…
  • 4.Mental Strength Mental stress. Social media fatigue. General anxiety. Tell us bro, who got you crying like that? Jokes aside, mental health is a very serious issue and needs to be de-stigmatized. While you should reach out and get help from mental health professionals, trying some eastern science never hurt anyone. Stabilizing mental health is one of the key advantages of ruby.
  • 5.Want to be famous? You don’t need Kanye West to slander you in a song. You do need ruby. In this day and age fame is a click away and yet, it remains elusive. Why does a picture of an egg go viral while your creative genius is scrambling for likes? Probably because we have a commendable sense of humor but also because there really are no rules to capturing fame, which is an intangible phenomenon. Ruby is believed to spike one’s confidence and creative energy while attracting fame.
  • 6.“We don’t want no devils in the house” No kidding. nobody needs satanic energy lurking in the basement (Karen? Is that you?). Ruby is famous for warding off bad luck and stifling the malevolent glare of evil eyes. Stone to skin contact is recommended if you want to see the positive effects. Make sure your ruby is untreated and original.
  • 7.No trouble in paradise One of ruby’s astrological benefits is keeping trouble out of paradise. Romantic relations are difficult to maintain. Even if you are with a gem of a person, when two people try to love and grow together, a lot of friction gets generated. A mere stone cannot completely transform a relationship (you still have to make good decisions), but as a stone of passion and harmony, ruby is said to channelize these positives right into your relationship.
  • 8.Keep your parents happy Don’t save the drama for your mama. Most parents are wonderful and deserve to look at their children with pride and contentment. That does not mean all familial relations are peaceful. Generational gaps engender disputes. Ruby is believed to improve relations between parents and children and bring positive energy into the home. While whatever it is that’s keeping you from calling your dad may not be your fault, having a happy family is beyond ideal and definitely worth wearing a ruby.
  • 9.Summary Before you dismiss astrology as make believe, remember that we are very small and the universe is very large and most of our material world still remains inexplicable. Astrology has been around for a very long time and will probably be around long after you are gone, so check it out maybe? Worst case scenario, you get a stunning piece of jewelry out of this whole thing.
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