San Francisco State University Office of Student Financial Aid Scholarship 101 Workshop

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  • 1. San Francisco State University Office of Student Financial Aid Scholarship 101 Workshop
  • 2.Workshop Agenda Intro SF State Scholarship Website Other Resources Components of an Application What Happens If You Win? Guest Speaker Q & A
  • 3.When to Apply Search and apply for scholarships for the next academic year in the Spring semester Most deadlines from January to June Some organizations/SF State departments may have application deadlines that vary
  • 4.Scholarship Tips Apply for as many scholarships as possible Read eligibility requirements or criteria carefully Seek out opportunities at your/your parents' work, social/community groups or organizations etc. Emphasize your talents/skills, academic achievement, and community involvement on your applications Nomination required Renewable Scholarships
  • 5.Scholarship Website or Your SFSU Student Center!
  • 6.SF State AcademicWorks Students sign in with their SF State ID & Password Complete General Application/View Frequently Asked Questions Once completed, will see “Recommended” Scholarships
  • 7.Recommended Opportunities gpa or class level or major match
  • 8.“Our” Opportunities List of campus scholarships Show Filters or Keyword search
  • 9.To go more in depth… Click hyperlink or ‘Apply’
  • 10.Eligibility Criteria
  • 11.Check Scholarship Status View status of applications: Submitted, Drafts, General
  • 12.Curious about the donors? Click ‘Donors’ to view more info
  • 13.Other Scholarship Resources
  • 14.Scams Alert Red Flags: We’ll do all the work or a fee is involved Scholarship is guaranteed or your money back Credit card or bank account to hold scholarship Vague or no contact information You’ve been selected or you are a finalist in a contest You can’t get this information anywhere else Masquerade as government agency Report to Federal Trade Commission @ and National Fraud Information Center @ Visit for comprehensive information on scholarship scams
  • 15.International Students Check out the “International Students” link on our scholarship homepage Check the Office of International Program's Web site @ or e-mail them @ Check & International students may apply for scholarships where the Citizenship row indicates: "Any"
  • 16.Undocumented/AB 540 Students Check out the SF State AB 540 Information website AB 540 students may apply for scholarships where the Citizenship row indicates “Any” Using keyword search for “AB 540”
  • 17.Essay Writing Tips Most ask you to write a personal statement about yourself. Tell your personal story Follow directions Answer all essay questions on the scholarship application Have several strong writers read and edit your essay Check out the Essay Sample on our scholarship website homepage under ‘Tips’
  • 18.Campus Academic Resource Program (CARP) Make an appointment or drop-in to see a CARP tutor to: Learn how to effectively answer a scholarship essay prompt. Devise pre-writing methods in order to organize information for a scholarship essay. Discuss how to make a scholarship essay detail oriented, personal, and original. CARP San Francisco State HSS 346 Phone: (415) 405-0316 Email: Website:
  • 19. Letters of Recommendation Check the scholarship application for guidelines Letters should be typed, signed, and printed on official letterhead Ask a professor or employer or community leader who knows you well and can write a good letter of recommendation Give the person sufficient time to write the letter Give the person a specific deadline date If the person must send the recommendation letter directly to scholarship organization, provide a stamped addressed envelope
  • 20. Check Status of Recommendation Letters Students can RESEND an email request to their reference provider from this page. Can view active and expired references.
  • 21.Accept Awards If you are awarded a scholarship ~ Must ACCEPT it online!
  • 22.Thank You Letter Guidelines & Tips The letter may be handwritten or typed Be prompt Address the letter to the donor or the person who should receive the letter with the appropriate title (Dear Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms.) Start the letter by thanking the donor Next, tell the donor about yourself Let the donor know what your future plans are Finally, express your appreciation for the financial support received from the scholarship Check all spelling and grammar Sign the letter
  • 23.Thank You Letters Students can upload Thank you letters directly to AW. If one is requested, there will be a Post-Acceptance question.
  • 24.How you receive the scholarship Campus scholarship: Campus dept. prepares award paperwork & submits to internal departments to process. Then, it is disbursed to you via direct deposit or check. *(Minus any tuition our housing you still owe). VS. Outside scholarship: 1. Organization sends check to Bursar’s Office. Then, info is forwarded to Financial Aid. It is disbursed to you via direct deposit or check. *(Minus any tuition or housing you still owe). *Approx. 2 - 3 week turnaround time to receive scholarship
  • 25.Financial Aid & Scholarship Coordination Under federal and state regulations, your scholarship must be coordinated with your other financial aid and cannot exceed your financial aid eligibility or your cost of attendance. Report scholarships you have won in your Student Center portal: “Report Other Aid” Full-time/NOT Living at HomeUndergraduate Cost of Attendance: $26,720 Graduate Cost of Attendance: $28,154
  • 26.Scholarships & Taxes Scholarships are tax-free if You are a full-time or part-time candidate for a degree at a primary, secondary or accredited post-secondary institution and The award covers tuition, fees, books and supplies required for courses
  • 27.Scholarships & Taxes Scholarships are taxed if used to cover anything other than tuition fees, books and supplies. For example: -Room and Board -Travel -Research -Clerical Help -Equipment Questions should be directed to the IRS International Students must meet with the Campus Tax Specialist.
  • 28.Fellowships Office Provides assistance in applying for nationally competitive fellowships and CSU system-wide awards. Have a GPA of 3.7 or above, and a strong record of public service or research activities. Contact: Fellowships advisor, Dr. Joy Viveros, or drop by or call the Division of Graduate Studies, ADM 254, or 415-405-2128.
  • 29.Contact Information San Francisco State University Office of Student Financial Aid Student Services Building, One Stop (415) 338-7000