Filters - Filter s – Why General Filter, MULTIBLOCK, MULTICRETE II, ESSD Washtroughs

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  • 1.Filter Parts – Why General Filter MULTIBLOCK, MULTICRETE II, ESSD Washtroughs, Media & In-Bed Air Wash Grids
  • 2.What is The General Filter Advantage?UNDERSTANDING FILTRATION Can improve operation an existing plant. (expansion & upgrades) Thoroughly backwash filter media with air/water Provide even distribution of backwash water and air throughout the filter basin. Reduce backwash waste Reduce off line time with shorter backwash durations Complete the scope for a new plant.
  • 4.MULTIBLOCK® Underdrain Details Similar to Other Block Underdrains 12” tall x 11” wide 36” length HDPE structural foam Compensating dual lateral design Media retaining or gravel support designs Snap fit connection. NSF/ANSI STANDARD 61 With or without Laser Shield®
  • 5.Modular Design Easy to Install Blocks snap together to form laterals 25 lbs/block - HDPE material MULTIBLOCK Shield factory installed (if used) Rebar pullout tested prior to block installation Laterals installed in rows +/- 1/8” level Set on 3/4” grout bed Joints filled with grout Max length 30’ on each side of flume
  • 6.Laser Shield® Provides Unique Direct Media Retention 0.06” stainless steel plate 0.008” (0.2 mm) slot openings Minimizes opening surface area per volume Stainless steel screws Based on nozzle design
  • 7.Comparison of the Two Shields We Offer Porous bead design 3,000 / sq.ft. of filter Laser Shield 16 / sq.ft. of filter Porous bead difficult to clean No clear passage for water Laser Shield Lower profile Clearly defined, sharp edge openings Retains smaller media MS-500 Shield 500 micron 3/4" thickness Laser Shield 0.20 mm slots 0.06" thickness
  • 8.Air introduction Two options In-flume header with risers Most Common Shown Above with drop pipes Stainless steel or PVC Riser at each lateral In-flume Design
  • 9.MULTIBLOCK Cover A Wide Range of Flow Conditions Backwash Water only 5-30 gpm/sq.ft. Air only 1-5 scfm/sq.ft. Combined backwash 5 gpm/sq.ft. and 3 scfm/sq.ft. is typical consult us for specific applications Filtration 2-10 gpm/sq.ft. Maldistribution in large basins Less than +/- 10%
  • 10.General Filter Scope of Supply Underdrain blocks Media retaining Laser Shield™ Rebar over flume Flume bridges End caps Ancillary equipment Air headers, washtroughs, media, controls, etc. Pre-treatment equipment Don’t forget backwash waste treatment products, such as: ContraFAST Packaged Plate Settlers
  • 11.Application Areas Single, Dual and Mixed media Concrete filters Conventional layout CenTROL® filter Steel filters Packaged plants Trident® and Trident HS Systems Aquarius® Systems
  • 12.Competition: Block Underdrains-Standard Height We are seeing more and more installations where porous caps style underdrains are starting to fail. They have accumulated enough solids over the years that result in higher and higher backwash pressure resulting in ultimate failure Leopold Type S IMS Cap (porous bead) used for direct retention. Patented water recovery channel and inside baffles Severn Trent – Also Offered By IDI Porous bead plate used for direct retention Roberts Filter Group Will use this to get in the door to promote Infinity. Lately have been very aggressive. In promoting the Air Grids. Main selling feature is the single 30 ft block. This eliminates the joints, clips and seals. Backwash with water only, use air grid above. Can be retrofitted into existing low profile filter cells.
  • 13.Competition-Low Profile Underdrains Limited to basins less than 20’ from feed flume. Concern for dead spots on top of pyramids or between units. Maldistribution is a key point to compete against. Maximum air and backwash water rates may be limited. AWI Phoenix Underdrain System Used with our MULTIWASH Troughs Johnson TRITON® Used by WesTech in various applications. Not suitable for high A/W rates Ovivo EWT™ Flexscour® WesTech hasn’t seen a lot of these. Leopold LP Max length 16’ from flume Highly competitive. EIMCO Folded Plate Not seen many of these
  • 14.MULTICRETE II Underdrain Provides Installation Options Standard ACI 318 loadings 1,600 psf , 1,400 psf  Keyway Design Doweled Rebar Design
  • 15.MULTICRETE II® Offers Long-Term Experience Floor and nozzle design based on pre-cast design from 1960’s Monolithic construction with over 19 years experience Eliminated most joints Light weight forms easier to handle Nozzle design and spacing remained Mid 1960’s 1986 Today MULTICRETE II653,225sq.ft.385+ sitesMillions of nozzles
  • 16.Quarter-Turn Insert Reduces Installation Time, Ensures Proper Fit Insert (inverted) and form opening Insert installed in form Stop Lobe MULTICRETE II Form (from below) Pier locking ring Less than 1/8” deflection during installation
  • 17.MULTICRETE II Provides Simple Formwork Installation Anchorage pull tested Inspected by our Service Personnel Concrete installed Install nozzles after curing
  • 18.Dual Air Distribution Ensures Uniform Backwash Air header & risers (primary distribution) Air blanket (secondary distribution) Identical headloss nozzles Low headloss open plenum
  • 19.Nozzle Design Ensures Uniform Distribution  slot openings > tailpipe area Nozzle cross-section Tailpipe section (control orifice) Assembly screws
  • 20.Application Areas All concrete filter applications Conventional layout CenTROL® MULTIWASH Filtration Process Our preferred underdrain for Wastewater Filtration Single, Dual and Mixed media Mixed media needs support gravel
  • 21.Competition: Monolithic Floor Underdrains IDI Form Using tighter nozzle spacing (4”-6”) to keep others out IDI has good experience base. Orthos Underdrain Orthos much lower experience on complete supply Eimco Castkleen Large underdrain form = 48” square. Will use concrete pre-poured support walls or piers Adjustable insert height for leveling
  • 22.MULTIBLOCK or MULTICRETE II? MULTIBLOCK Lower profile No access Packaged steel plants Concrete tanks Gravel or gravelless Limited water/air rates Mixed media MULTICRETE II Larger plenum Less headloss Plenum access Concrete tanks Gravel or gravelless WTP and WWTP Unlimited water/air rates
  • 23.ESSD™ Washtroughs Deliver Durability and Cost Effectiveness Light gage (12-16 ga.) material Webbing adds strength 417+ installations
  • 24.ESSDs Apply To Range Of Systems Hydraulic capacity same as other troughs Also used in pre-treatment basins CONTRAFLO® Units Settling basins Clarifiers Longer unsupported span compared to FRP Up to 36 ft. length vs. 24 ft. MULTIWASH ® baffles factory attached to trough
  • 25.General Filter offers a number of filter Medias to complete a “system” package Manganese Anthra/Sand Natural media Media conditioned in the field Developed in 1980’s Overcomes shortcomings of greensand Various media sizes available Media selection is based on Raw water quality Desired effluent quality 252+ installations since 1980 Largest installation – 39.7 MGD – Eagan, MN Sand media Depth 24” Size – 0.45 – 0.55 mm Fe < 0.3 ppm Anthracite Depth 24” Size 0.6-0.8 mm Fe < 4 ppm Dual media 12” sand 0.45 – 0.55 mm 18” of anthracite 0.8 – 1.0 mm or 1.0 – 1.2 mm Fe < 7 ppm Mixed Media Garnet, Sand, Anthracite All granular media configurations can be coated as Manganese ANTHRA/SAND. Our advantage is that since our media is coated in-situ, everything is coated even the support gravel, making effective use of all the material in the vessel.
  • 26.Manganese Anthra/sand Still Outstanding compared to competition. Recent studies (2012) by John E. Tobiason, PhD, PE, BCEE, Professor, Environmental and Water Resources Graduate Program, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Massachusetts conducted some recent lab testing comparing Manganese Anthra/sand to macrolite and pyrolucite and reported “In general, Jonathan found that the coating method worked well and seemed to provide a coating that worked well very soon after being put into service. “ This favorable results is expected to help increase sales in the Northeast.
  • 27.In-Bed Air Wash Grids Located at media-gravel interface Headers PVC Stainless Steel Laterals Polyethylene PVC Stainless Steel Distributors ABS plastic Slotted lateral
  • 28.Filter Parts Summary Many options for all situations more options than any other manufacturer Cost effective designs MULTIBLOCK or MULTICRETE with MULTIWASH is an AWESOME SYSTEM!!!!!!!!! Sell the features and benefits to beat the competition: Plant tours Increasing your offering to enhance your position Case Studies…. We’ve done quite a few of them this year!
  • 29.Filter Parts MULTIBLOCK, MULTICRETE II, ESSD Washtroughs, Media & In-Bed Air Wash Grids