Best Places to Visit in West Africa


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  • 1. Best Places to Visit in West Africa Nothing could be more adventurous and thrilling in comparison with a vacation well spent in the West African regions. West African continent is ideal for all sorts of travelers. Depending on the mood and choice of the traveler, here one gets sands, beaches, jungle safari, etc. And the best thing is that as per the growing demand of the tourists' many travel and tourism companies are flourishi
  • 2.Vacations in the Gambia The Gambia is one of the best choices to spend a short to a long vacation. This small West African country is famous for its beaches. The white sand beaches and the beautiful resorts along the coast attract thousands of tourists per year.
  • 3.Adventure in Ghana Ghana is best known for the Gold Coast. Other than the beaches the hills of the Volta Region and Mole National Park are the central attractions for the adventure seekers.
  • 4.A Short Trip to Benin Benin is perfect to experience the West African cultural heritage. Apart from its beaches, the country is full of ancient temples and the voodoo market is enough to give a thrilling experience. The bio-diversity of the rugged northern part of the country is also something that deserves to be visited.
  • 5.An Adventurous Trip to Senegal Senegal is an admixture of all sorts of adventure. Goree Island is the place where one gets to explore the cultural history of the country. Another attraction is the camel riding in its desert islands. This place also gives an amazing experience to music lovers as this country is famous for jazz music.
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