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  • 1.7 Anime Wigs To Try At Your Next Cosplay Party Anime has undoubtedly become one of the most popular genres. This hand-drawn and computer generated animation style originated in Japan and has taken over the world! With tons of variety in stories, relatable characters, and outstanding visual effects, it's no mystery why the popularity of anime has spread. There’s another factor that’s playing a major role in popularizing anime - cosplay! Dressing up as anime characters is a creative and fascinating form of expression, and compared to other comic or cartoon characters, anime characters manifest a completely different vibe. Take a peek at cosplay communities across the internet and you’ll find they’re full of anime characters! This is also a great way to seek inspiration. Regardless, cosplaying an anime character isn’t always easy. Especially with their dramatized hairstyles and shapes, getting their signature ‘do down can be a challenge. Luckily, wigs are the perfect item for easily completing a cosplay! Keep reading for guidance on the coolest anime wigs to try out for your next cosplay party. 1. Goku from Dragon Ball Whether you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball series or not, the exceptional hairstyle of the lead character of this hugely popular series is guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd. Both the brunette and blonde versions of this hairstyle are great, but the flame-like spiky blonde option harnesses a whole new level of coolness. Show them what a Saiyan is made of! Link 1: https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/hm-1091 (Goku) 2. Gotenks from Dragon Ball This character is another great option from the Dragon Ball series. This powerful Saiyan/Human hybrid character is summoned by the fusion dance of Goten and Trunks. He has a unique hairstyle that’s perfect for the cosplay realm. Plus, cosplaying Gotenks is technically cosplaying both Goten and Trunks! Summon this Hero of Justice at your next Halloween or cosplay convention. Link 2: https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/hm-1028 (Gotenks) 3. Inuyasha from Inuyasha This silver-haired half-demon hero has a distinctive hairstyle with great potential to be a standout cosplay option. The key to recreating his thick, long white hair with ears is a wig! A subtle combination of costume and wig, this option will make you unstoppable - at least until there’s a full moon! Link 3: https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/hm-1086 (Inuyasha)
  • 2.4. Abigail Jones from Great Pretender Abigail "Aby" Jones is known for her remarkable physical attributes which she got from her childhood ballet training. If you’re looking for a character cosplay that’s simple yet remarkable enough to draw attention, don’t hesitate to go for Abigail Jones! Her short brown hair is very easy to recreate if you already have this cut, but don’t go chopping off your hair to recreate her look! Opt for this cute tomboy wig for an easy imitation. Link 4: https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/adult-womens-13-inch-medium-length- halloween-cosplav-brown-abigail-costume-wig-svnthetic-soft-fiber-hair-perfect-for-vour-next-festival- and-group-anime-party-hpo 5. Tsukasa Shishio from Dr. Stone Tsukasa Shishio, a former antagonist of Dr. Stone, is undoubtedly a great choice for cosplay. Why? Well, just look at him! A tall and muscular man with long brown shiny hair that comes with bits of stone near the ends, could he be any more dreamy? Combine the costume with a long brown hair wig, and you’re all set to thrive. Link 5: https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/hpo-adult-mens-japanese-anime-stone-red-yukata-costume-bundle?variant=39679062212686 6. Hatsune Miku While she’s not technically an anime character, her persona has become iconic. She is mostly known for her role as a Vocaloid software voicebank (a singing voice synthesizer software) developed by Crypton Future Media. But guess what - she’s getting her own anime series! Jump ahead of the trend and cosplay this digital singer. Mimicking her long, animated blue pigtails may sound like a headache, but the perfect wig makes it easy. Link 6: https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/wig-for-cosplay-hatsune-miku-hw-1381 7. Nico Yazawa from Love Live! This popular character from a multi-media project can inspire the cutest cosplay. Mimicking her trademarked twin-tails is crucial in pulling off her look. What’s the easiest and most visually appealing option? A wig, of course! You’re sure to garner a ton of positive attention in this adorable cosplay. Link 7: https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/iapanese-anime-school-idol-wig-hw-1685
  • 3.Cosplay wigs play a vital role in easing your cosplay preparation. They’re easy to wear and easy to take off, and give you a long-lasting, multiple-wear look without much hassle. They are especially handy when cosplaying an anime character as they can prevent you from torturing your real hair in pursuit of that anime look. Remember, when it comes to cosplay, enjoy the process and have fun!