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  • 1.Global Soul Healing offers you to explore the path back to your Soul, your sacred center
  • 2.WHAT IS GLOBAL SOUL HEALING Founded by Arvind Singhania, Global Soul Healing is an inclusive, spiritual organization honouring the Soul of each individual. Our goal is to provide alternative medical care that will reverse and prevent disease using the fundamental healing principles of mind-body modalities. Our results prove the best way to heal the natural body is frequently without pharmaceuticals. We are India’s one of leading Wellness Centre to provide a personalized healing and educational experience through the collaboration of highly skilled practitioners in a welcoming, peaceful atmosphere.
  • 3.Global Soul Healing deals practical tools for personal growth and transformation, connecting to the inner source of Bliss in the Soul. We have experiential programs and courses online which will let you explore the Art and Science of world philosophies integrating Soul Mind Body. Due to its power to relax and allow people to connect to their emotions, Global Soul Healing is useful to people who are undergoing life transitions. Global Soul Healing is also highly beneficial to people who have undergone traumatic medical interventions. WHAT WE HAVE FOR YOU
  • 4.Reliefs from Tension Supports Harmony & Balance Unblock Mind & Improve Focus Cleanses The Body of Toxins Helps The Immune System Balances The Mind, Body, & Soul You Relax & Sleep Better Helps Spiritual Growth Promotes Emotional Emptying Growths into Your Self- Healing Ability ADVANTAGES OF OUR SERVICES
  • 5.So if you are looking for the best Energy Healing or Spiritual Healing Services online, then Global Soul Healing is the right destination for you. Take the first step toward the transformation today? SIGN UP FOR A CLASS
  • 6.CONTACT US SINGHANIA GLOBAL SOUL HEALING Address - First floor - C-19, C Block road, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase 1, New Delhi, South East Delhi - 110020 IVR No. +91 9266658107 / 7827610437 Email: Website: