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  • 1.7 celebrity-inspired cosplay ideas for the next Halloween Most of us have at least one celebrity that we admire - we may follow them on social media, have their merch, or hang their posters. Cosplaying them takes things to a whole new level! Cosplaying celebrities has always been a common expression of fandom, especially now that we can follow their every move on social media. Ironically, sometimes it’s easier to keep up with celebrities than with friends and family! If there’s a celebrity you admire, it’s usually easy to implement their hairstyles, makeup techniques, and fashion sense into your own life. But what if you want to copy them to a T? For Halloween, cosplay events, or even family parties, perfectly mimicking a celeb’s look can bring laughter and joy, and make you the life of the party. Often, the most important (and difficult) component of this is copying the hair. If you’d like to avoid torturing your own hair in pursuit of a celebrity’s look, consider a wig! Now let’s take a look at some of the most popular celebrities with some of the most recognizable hairstyles that can easily be mimicked with a hair piece. 1. BTS BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is without a question the most influential boy band at this moment. The level of influence they have on the music and fashion industry is utterly unreal. Thanks to their extraordinary composition and spectacular choreography, their music has surpassed geographical barriers and inspired tons of young people. Some say music has no language, and BTS (and other KPop groups) have certainly proved this sentiment! If you’d like to imitate their style, try out a soft bowl cut in a pastel color. Product Link: https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/hm-1369 2. Billie Eilish Billie Eilish is one of the most talented singers on the scene. She’s gained widespread success at an early age thanks to her unique voice, and has set tons of style trends along the way, especially here green and black hairstyle. Did you know that her trademarked green mullet was actually an accident? In her words, it was "an accident after her hair fell out from a bad dye job”! She is known both for her captivating music and quirky style. When it comes to cosplay, Billie Eilish is always a great choice, especially if you have a similar attitude and fashion sense. Mimic her distinctive lime green double bun hairstyle for Halloween or any cosplay convention.
  • 2.Product Link: https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/adult-womens-9-inch-short- length-halloween-cosplay-lime-green-edgy-icon-double-bun-wig-synthetic-soft-fiber-hair-perfect- for-vour-next-festival-and-group-anime-partv-hpo 3. Miley Cyrus While she has stirred a number of controversies over the years, no one can question her talent as a musician and actress. When it comes to making a fashion statement, she’s never withheld herself from experimenting with her hair. Whether it’s a choppy pixie or 80s themed mullet inspired by her country singer father, Billy Ray Cyrus, she seems to be able to pull off any bold hairstyle! A perfect wig can give you the perfect Miley vibe to express your fandom. Product Link: https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/adult-womens-11-inch-medium- length-halloween-cosplay-brown-celebrity-singer-mullet-wig-synthetic-soft-fiber-hair-perfect-for- your-next-festival-and-group-anime-party-hpo 4. Kamala Harris The first female Vice President of the USA and the first VP with an African American and Asian American ethnicity, she’s inspiring to many. She also dazzles with her voluminous hair and has been featured in various magazines and tabloids with speculations about her hairstyle! If you’re one of the many who has been captivated by Kamala’s voluminous hair, you can easily mimic her look with a wig. Product Link: https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/adult-womens-15-inch-medium- length-halloween-cosplay-brown-kamala-harris-vice-president-costume-wig-synthetic-soft-fiber- hair-perfect-for-your-next-festival-and-group-anime-party-hpo 5. Carole Baskin AKA Tiger Queen This tiger lover gained a large amount of public attention after the release of Netflix's true-crime documentary series "Tiger King.” We’re not here to talk about the role she played in the disappearance of her husband of her feud with Joe Exotic - let's talk about her hair! Her long, blonde hair is frequently worn with a flower crown, making it a great option for cosplay. Pair with any animal-print clothing and stun everyone with your embodiment of this controversial animal activist. And don’t forget to shout her catchphrase, "Hey all you cool cats and kittens!" at your next event. Product Link: https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/adult-womens-activist-of-big-cats-wig-with-flower-crown-long-straight-blonde-hair 6. Bob Ross Cosplaying this iconic painter and television host of the 80’s has been a trend for years. Even after three decades since his death, he is still arguably one of the most beloved television personalities to this day. What entices cosplay artists the most is his trademarked big afro and
  • 3.beard. Fun fact: it was not his natural afro, it was a perm that became so iconic that he had to keep it. As Bob once said, "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents”, there’s no mistake in choosing an afro wig. Product Link: https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/hm-898?variant=31592729739342 7. Lady Gaga When talking about celebrities with distinctive hairstyles, Lady Gaga must be included in the conversation. This highly talented musician and actress has repeatedly broken the news with her eccentric outfits and hairstyles. Mimicking this music icon’s hairstyles isn't exactly easy, but luckily pre-styled wigs are here to help! Any hairstyle or outfit copied from this artist is sure to turn heads. Product Link: https://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/products/lady-gaga-womens-pop-dance-electronic-artist-wig-long-length-pink-updo-pony-tail-hair-premium-breathable-capless-cap Hopefully by now you have some inspiration for who to cosplay at your next Halloween or cosplay event! These pre-styled wigs are made of quality synthetic fiber and make the job of cosplay a whole lot easier. Good luck and have fun!