Astrological Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstone


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  • 1.Astrological Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstone
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  • 3.Intro If you have seen a ring or a pendant which lets the stone touch your skin, don’t be surprised because it is designed in such a way for a specific goal – astrological advantage. Jewelry with a blue sapphire perhaps tops the list when it comes to such ‘astrological jewelry’. There are nine planets in the horoscope of any individual and each of these planets is represented by a gemstone. These gemstones are called primary gemstones. Blue sapphire is one such primary gemstone and it represents Saturn. Since Saturn is a mighty planet, its representative stone – blue sapphire – likewise exerts a strong influence on its wearer. It is said that the blue sapphire holds the power to either prosper or destroy the wearer’s life. Therefore, astrologers recommend that a blue sapphire must be worn in the right size at the right time and in the right way to avoid any ill-effects. Here are some of the top benefits of wearing a blue sapphire...
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  • 5.1. Brings Fame, Fortune & Prosperity If a blue sapphire suits you, then it can bring you good fortune, abundance of wealth and prosperity. For this reason it is said that before getting the stone set in a ring or pendant, you should try wearing it inside an arm wrap-around for a week. It will start showing its effect and if the results turn out to be positive then you can go ahead and get your favorite ring or pendant made. A blue sapphire is supposed to bless its wearer with name, fame, and fortune so the wearer attains an exalted position in society. People in public life such as politicians and celebrities are often seen wearing blue sapphire. At GemsNY you can purchase a blue sapphire in loose. Explore the loose gemstone section at GemsNY and pick your desired blue sapphire out of thousands of natural and certified blue sapphires.
  • 6.2. Miraculous Power during Transit of Saturn In Vedic astrology which relies on the sidereal zodiac as against the tropical zodiac, the transit of Saturn lasting for seven and half years in the natal chart can bring about emotional stress and other problems. It is during this period the benefits of wearing a blue sapphire can be truly experienced. In such a phase it can not only boost the energy but also improve the metabolism of the wearer.
  • 7.3. Brings Focus and Clarity in Decision Making The amazing blue sapphire is said to provide metal clarity to its wearer such that the person is able to focus on the situation at hand and make appropriate decisions even though surrounded by multiple confusions. A clear thought leads to an accurate decision. Further, students and professionals working amidst an academic environment can draw the maximum benefit by wearing a blue sapphire. Have you identified your blue sapphire jewelry yet? Visit if you are in a state of confusion and get clarity by wearing a blue sapphire.
  • 8.4. Removes Negativity and Improves Health Some horoscope charts exhibit the tendency of poor mental and physical health. Blue sapphire is said to remove the negativity and unknown fears from the life of its wearer. As a result the person strongly overcomes the traits of depression thereby regaining confidence. It is also said that a blue sapphire can guard you against severe stomach ailments.
  • 9.5. Spiritual Benefits Blue sapphire is said to provide equanimity to its wearer thereby considerably improving the abilities to meditate and introspect. It is often associated with spiritual ascension leading to self-realization. It is also said to strengthen one’s aura such that its wearer gets shielded from sudden mishaps and accidents.
  • 10.6. Saturn is considered the lord of patience Saturn is considered the lord of patience and perseverance apart from being called a strict disciplinarian. How to wear a blue sapphire is a question that depends on the astrological disposition of a person and only an expert astrologer can give the right guidance that needs to be followed religiously in order to reap the benefits of wearing this powerful gemstone.
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