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  • 2.Are you Eligible? The first step in your journey to Latvian citizenship is discovering whether you meet the eligibility requisites. Eligibility Process Home Benefits Contact Latvian citizenship
  • 3.Eligibility Process Home Benefits Contact Eligibility criteria for Latvian Citizenship One of your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents were Latvian citizens prior to 1940 They withdrew or were exiled from Latvia during the 1940-1990 period
  • 4.PROCESS – HOW IT WORKS? Free Eligibilty assessment The first step is to find out if you are Eligible. Provide us with details about your Latvian ancestors and we will do a full Eligibility assessment for Free! Finding proof of Citizenship We conduct a thorough search in archives to find the documents proving your ancestor’s Latvian citizenship. Step-by-step instructions We’ll guide you through the process and provide step-by-step instructions regarding the documents to be obtained from your home country. WWW.LATVIANCITIZENSHIP.EU Eligibility Process Home Benefits Contact We tried our best to break down this complex process into simpler steps. Still have questions? Drop us a message.
  • 5.Preparing applications Our team will prepare your application and make sure every bit of it together with supporting documents fully meets the requirements. Applying A dedicated lawyer will submit the application on your behalf directly in Latvia at the Migration Department. Following up We constantly follow up on your case and make sure any required information is provided during the evaluation process. In 6 months from submission of the application you should be able to enjoy the amazing benefits of EU citizenship. Eligibility Process Home Benefits Contact Latvian Citizenship granted!
  • 6.BENEFITS OF LATVIAN CITIZENSHIP Restoring Latvian citizenship will get you access to the vast benefits of an EU passport holder. Live, work, study, set up a business in any EU country of your choice. Right to live in more than 30 countries LATVIANCITIZENSHIP.EU Eligibility Process Home Benefits Contact
  • 7.Right to work in the EU and EFTA countries Eligibility Process Home Benefits Contact Access to cheaper university education in Europe Travel to 182 countries without a prior visa Set up a business in any EU country Access to a world-class EU healthcare EU Citizenship for your children Access to all Social Security benefits
  • 8.We maximise your chances of success Over 99% success rate If there’s the slightest chance to restore your Latvian citizenship, we will do it Eligibility Process Home Benefits Contact 7 years of experience Since 2013 we have assisted 400+ clients from 22 countries Experts in Citizenship law Because of our focus and know-how in the field we are able to ensure maximum probability of success
  • 9.Contact us for further information +370 642-47-449 www.latviancitizenship.Eu info@latviancitizenship.eu Eligibility Process Home Benefits Contact You might want to consider the chance of restoring your Latvian citizenship and obtaining a Latvian passport if you have Latvian heritage. Contact De Civitate Group to assist you in the process.
  • 10.THANK YOU FOR READING Contact us today to help you with the documentation and all the paperwork until the citizenship is granted to you. Visit our website now! Home Eligibility Process Benefits Contact