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  • 2.Get the Best deals on Delhi to Bodhgaya tour package with IRCTC  Buddhism is one of the largest religions in the world. It lives by the philosophy that nothing in this world has any permanent essence, and our life is a vicious cycle of suffering and rebirth. But it is possible to escape this cycle if one attains enlightenment (Nirvana). Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, was the first person to achieve the state of enlightenment. Enlightenment means getting the right state of mind where you are entirely unperturbed by the things around you, solely focused on maintaining the happiness that comes from just being.  When we take responsibility for our actions, we must also be determined not to interfere with the lives and actions of other people, giving them enough time and space to express themselves. However, this education can be practiced and attained when you embark on Buddhist Pilgrimage tourism. 
  • 3.IRCTC has launched a special train, the Buddhist circuit tourist train which offers a sacred excursion to the most prominent Buddhist tourist places in India.    The Buddhist circuit train takes you on an 8-day journey to visit places like Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Rajgir, Nalanda, Kushinagar, Sravasti, Lumbini, and more which are home to various Buddhist monuments and temples as well as museums and ruins which have a rich collection of artifacts, sculptures, and relics.    Buddha and his Dhamma Tour   There are customised trip itineraries to specific Buddhist pilgrimage sites as well that pilgrims can opt for. Some of them are the Buddhist circuit Sarnath, Sravasti Buddhist Tour Packages, Delhi to Bodhgaya Tour Package, etc. These pilgrimage tour operators in India take pilgrims to these enlightening Buddhism places to provide a first-hand experience to pilgrims who wish to unravel the self-disciplined and legendary life of Lord Buddha.   Perhaps one of the sacred destinations for Buddhists, Bodh Gaya is truly a fantastic place to visit. This is where Buddhism began. All pilgrims and Buddhism followers are fond of this place and the legend attached to it. They usually visit here on the Bodhgaya tour also known as the Buddha Gaya tour.  Lord Buddha was wandering near the banks of the Falgu river seeking answers when he sat under the Bodhi Tree. Three days and three nights of meditation helped him attain enlightenment and gather insight into humanity and being in general.
  • 4.The day when he attained enlightenment is celebrated as Buddha Purnima. The land is fertile and rich with green fields. River Falgu waters it with low hills on the banks. Monks, nuns, and tourists unite in religious harmony and peace making it a cornerstone of Bodhgaya Pilgrimage. While several devotees jam this city to see the holy Bodhi Tree - under which Gautama Buddha attained nirvana- there are many things to see and experience. Tourists come to Gaya to find peace of mind.   Even though this is a small city in India, tremendous Tibetan influences can be seen here. Tibetan food and articles can be found with absolute ease, and all these have found much favour with tourists. The state government has ensured that the sights are easily accessible and well connected with the rest of the important places in the vicinity. With Delhi to Bodhgaya Tour Packages, travelers will get a personalized package tour that includes all the pivotal destinations of Buddhism in Bodhgaya. Choose the IRCTC Buddhist circuit tour package to get the best of travel and Buddha Circuit Tourism pilgrimage. To book visit
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