Find peaceful and spectacular surroundings only with four star hotel Madagascar


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  • 1.FOUR STAR HOTEL MADAGASCAR Find peaceful and spectacular surroundings only with 
  • 2.Introduction Isalo Rock Lodge, the prime four star hotel Madagascar offers the facilities of comfortable lodging, the convenience of location, and tranquil aura for their guests.
  • 3.Get your desired private space with our exclusive FOUR STAR HOTEL MADAGASCAR
  • 4.Are you planning for a vacation in Madagascar And having a hard time choosing which hotel to stay in? Come to Isalo Rock Lodge, Madagascar to obtain an enthralling experience to reside in a luxury four-star hotel fully equipped with all modern amenities.
  • 5.Get augmented privacy with space only by reserving the Isalo Rock Lodge, Madagascar
  • 6.The Intrinsic Attributes of the Four Star Hotel of Isalo Rock Lodge Isalo Rock Lodge offers an exquisite four-star hotel with fully furnished 60 rooms, situated in the altitudes of Sandstone Mountains, overseeing the Isalo National Park in south Madagascar. The hotels boast of ultramodern accommodation, and other amenities, along with offering eye-catching views, amidst a luxury setup.
  • 7.ADDRESS Isalo Rock Lodge Route Nationale 7 Lot II ZIE B.P. 04, 313 Ranohira,Madagascar +261 20 22 328 60
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