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  • 1.Book Corporate services Apartments in mumbai for Long Stay Call +91 9833 5535 05 Email : Add : Mumbai Corporate Apartments Bandra sai prasad CHS ltd, Kherwadi, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051
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  • 3.Corporate apartments in Mumbai are an ideal option for long stays. With fully furnished homes available for rent, you can relax and feel at home almost immediately. This style of temporary housing is typically less expensive than a hotel and offers more flexibility. Often, you can choose your length of stay and renew it when the time is right. This makes it a great choice for travelers on a tight budget or people who don’t want to be locked into a lengthy lease. Corporate service apartments in Mumbai for long stay are usually larger than extended-stay hotels and feature fully-equipped kitchens, private bedrooms, and washer/dryers in every unit. They are often located in desirable neighborhoods and are staffed by managers who can handle maintenance issues. Corporate Service Apartments in Mumbai
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  • 5.A service apartment offers more luxury than a studio apartment and can include things like a kitchen, pool, rooms, refrigerator, Wifi, Parking etc. These apartments are often more expensive than a studio apartment but give you the luxury of being in your own apartment. Serviced apartments are becoming more and more popular in Mumbai due to their unique advantages, including their flexible rental schedules. Corporate Apartments are perfect for both long and short-stay travellers, and have many benefits over traditional hotels. This property on provides modern and spacious serviced apartments and is located close to the bandra east, Mumbai. Why should I choose a serviced apartment?
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  • 7..We also make sure the apartment is clean and well-stocked with all of the essentials for your comfort. While originally intended for company employees, these fully-furnished homes have become popular among vacationers and students who need temporary housing. In addition to providing Long stay service apartments in Mumbai comfortable home away from home, corporate apartments for long stay can improve productivity by providing a more stable environment than hotels and traditional rental properties. Unlike a hotel, which can be noisy and inconvenient, corporate apartments are located within residential communities and provide quiet and privacy. Moreover, We are generally more affordable than hotels and provide value for money by saving on dining, utilities, and local tax rates. Fully furnished Services apartment in Mumbai
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  • 9.For example, if you’re on a long business trip that lasts for months, it doesn’t make sense to live in a hotel for that period of time. It would be much easier to move into a short-term corporate apartment in Mumbai the same city. This way, you can avoid the hassle of finding a new place and getting settled. Corporate Apartments in Mumbai are also popular with interns, college students, and people who need a service apartment in Mumbai for business or family reasons. For example, if a student gets an internship across the country and is only there for three months, it doesn’t make sense to move all their belongings, sign a lease, and furnish a full-sized home that We won’t be living in forever. Instead, We can simply get into a turnkey corporate apartment that will fit their needs and leave them with a furnished apartment that feels like home. Services apartment with Kitchen in Mumbai
  • 10.Contact Us +91 9833 5535 05 Mumbai Corporate Apartments Bandra sai prasad CHS ltd, Kherwadi, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051